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Some possible good news in the battle against cancer-sticky balls!

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Sounds kind of silly, but this recent research has shown a lot of promise.  Scientists attached a cancer-killing protein to nanoparticles and released them into the bloodstream of mice, as well as into human blood.  In both cases, the "sticky balls" caused the cancer cells that were floating around to completely disintegrate in a few hours. And there was seemingly no damage done to the immune system in the process.  

As most deaths from cancer are related to metastasis, this is a big deal.  Still lots more to be done to determine if this is feasible in actual patients, but I think this is some really hopeful stuff.  The use of nanoparticles is a whole new direction for cancer research, and wouldn't it be awesome to have a new way to fight our cancer that didn't have all the awful side effects of traditional treatment?

Here's hoping!



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This research looks very promising.  One article that I read stated that the results of unleashing these killer white bloods cells have been dramatic so far, so just maybe these 'sticky balls' will actually lead to a real cure for metastatic cells.  Let's hope sooner rather than later!

All my best,


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new treatments.  I bet there are more promising things than we even know about that are being investigated around the planet.  The longer folks can live ... the more promise of new and different treatments. Thank you AA for providing this link.

Peace. ~ Cynthia

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Someon posted the link on the Colon Club. It sounds very promising. Another promising treatment going into human trials the begining of this year is CD47 antibody. The drug name is HU5F9. I have been following this for a year and posted about it before.

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It was the "sticky balls" name that caught my eye.  And I thought it was pretty funny when someone commented "I'm from Australia...is there another name for sticky balls?".

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