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had 1st oncology appt today

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Finally, seven months after neph, I saw an oncologist today. 

Tomorrow, I go for ct's of abdomin (he said he'd make sure the technician gets the lower lobes of my lungs as well) and pelvis.  I couldn't be more pleased!  He was something else, I tell ya.  Very personable yet professional.  He told me he'd have my results by Monday morning and I could expect a call from him Monday afternoon.  A girl could get used to this kind of care!  

Still no call back from my surgeon, with whom I had a chest x-ray 4 weeks ago.  Onc is calling surgeon's office this afternoon.  He seems to think they'll respond to him in a timely manner.  Let's hope so.

This guy's not messing around! 


Cheers to all and a Happy New Year!


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That sounds great that you have a doc who cares about you.  They tend to get more done by being a little forceful.  Hope all works out well for you.

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It must take a load off to finally have someone be a little proactive! fingers crossed for a clear scan.

All the best for 2014.



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I'm glad you found a doctor who is willing to be proactive and take your concerns seriously. 

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that you have to be your own patient advocate. Persistence pays off. Now lets hope all this is done for nothing. Good job Sindy.

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Excellent!  Doesn't it make you feel better knowing that someone actually cares about your health and what your concerns are?  Next you will need a CT of the chest.  Hugs!  Now have a happy New Year!

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Good going Twinie Gal..!  Yes sounds like you found a new (good) doctor..!  


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Hurray, Sindy!

It was worth pursuing! So happy to hear that you are getting proper care!



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Since you brought out the big guns there has been no messing with you Twinnie! You are on a roll now, just stay in the drivers seat! 

I am so pleased that at last, you have someone to administer your care in a proper fashion, they are worth their weight in gold! Good going!!

When you have finished with him perhaps you could send him over! I am in need of one too! Lol!


Djinnie x

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Thanks guys!  You all truly are the best support!  I am going for ct's at 1:30 today.  I don't really understand if I'm having 2 ct's or just one that involves both abdomin and pelvis.  The doctor used ct's in plural so that makes me think there will be two.  Time will tell. 

Persistence does indeed payoff!  I will happily report to you all on Monday, once the doctor calls with the good news the I am all clear. 

Probably shouldn't be doing my happy dance just yet but can't keep from shaking my booty!  woop woop




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Stay away the margarette flavored barium suspension drink!!!!  Go banana if at all possible

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I wasn't offered a drink, Don.  Would the drink be contrast?  My last scan with contrast was administered thru a vein, no drink.

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Sindy: I am so glad that you are finally seeing a competent oncologist. Sarah

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Joined: Jun 2013

Thank you, Sarah!

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Any drink is given to help highlight or mask the intestines/colon/etc.  It is not contrast.  Contrast is given intravenously.  Usually a CT scan is first performed without contrast; then it is redone after contrast is released into your system.  That way the radiologist can compare "before" and "after" CT images; with and without contrast applied.

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when i had ct scan with contrast of my hip 2 weeks ago ,  when i picked up my report it read    ct of right hip with no contrast and in his findings he mentioned again no contrast.  I knew i had contrast and an iv put in.  I was taking this cd and report to another hosp and so I called my  local xray dept and told them that I did have contrast.  So the radiologist who read my scan was on vacation so another in the hosp said he would put an addendum and read my scans again.   IT said  Addendum contrast was used in scan.  Now that told a whole lot of before and after images.  Not a word.   Was just a wasted scan and exposure to radiation


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Glad to hear you're seeing someone that takes your concerns to heart.

Keep us updated.


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I'm happy for you that you are finally being given the attention that you deserve.  I wish the best for you.  Great results and peace of mind.

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Thank you all so much! 

I'm a bundle of nerves today as I anticipate results of chest, adbomen and pelvis ct's, tomorrow.  I'm sure it'll be the end of the day before the doctor calls.  Fortunetly, I have a party to get ready for this evening.  An ADORABLE 2 yr old grandson to spend the next few days with and I have to pack to return to work, in Ohio.  You'd think there'd be no time for worry...trust me, my mind makes time!  Different scenarios pop into my thoughts a trillion times a day.  Scanxiety is vicious!!

Neil, thanks for explaining contrast.  I'm always learning from you!!

Regardless of the level of anxiety I feel right this minute, I still find comfort in all of your kind words of support, so thanks again to all of you!  I'll let you know when I know.


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I haven't been on the site for a while and I am so glad you found someone. I sent you a private message. I'm supposed to get a notice if someone messages me but I didn't. Take care and I hope you continue to get great support and treatment from your oncologist. 

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Joined: Jun 2013

Thank you, Babs!

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