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encouraging results from sutent

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It has been a challenging year and the many hurdles that all on this site have crossed is a testament to the "never guit" mindset of the survivor and care giver.

I am fotunate enough to share the results of our first scan on sutent.  All three nodules in the lungs have shown interval response to therapy with decreased size of the pulmonary metastasis.  The decreases are 10mm-6mm, 8mm-3mm and 7mm-5mm respectfully.   This is after 1 round of HDILD then 3 x 14 on, 7 day off cycle of 50mg doses.

With the promising news from Nivolumab trials, immunotherapy and others, there is great reason to be optomistic about the future.  While the side effects can be difficult, they are manageable in most instances, resulting in a good quality of life.

On a separate note, I watched the Jimmy V espn speach fron 1993 today on you tube, never get's old. "Smile, Cry, and Love every day", good stuff,!

Love and prayers to all during the holiday season!









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Great news!!!!

Gotta love shrinkage!!!

50 mg is hitting it hard, way to go.

I am a Nivolumab / Sutent trial patient and just had dinner tonight with a Votrient/ Nivolumab trial patient. We both continue to see shrinkage or stable results at 12 and 14 months. I keep bugging my trial director for when more news is coming, but get no definite response. It is a good sign that they are expanding the trial to lung cancer.

keep fighting And congratulations on your scan!

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Good news about your results! There are a lot of good results with our members this week! So gld to hear it.

Enjoy your holidys! All the best!



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Bellweather Oh thts great new ... so glad to hear .. enjoy xmas.. Waht type of cancer are u dealing with RCC ??

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Darron . Good news ... happy for u ..:) Hope we too have some good news by the end of my dads TCC metasis cancer .. who is doing a chem treatments...

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So happy to here of your results . Big strides are being made in the treatment of this desease , no doubt about it .

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Yes, RCC and I am being treated at the Levine cancer center in Charlotte, NC

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