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Social Security Disability

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I have a S.S.D. question.  I worked as a Tool and Diemaker for almost 31 years.  I was diagnosed with Stage 3 esopghageal cancer just before my 49th birthday.  Having never been a smoker and very light drinker it was quite the shock.  I underwent the chemo and radiation treatments and went on disability right at the beginning of chemo.  I had the transhiatel surgery in September of 2012.  Developed a leak and infection and spent 17 days in the hospitol then 3 months of nothing by mouth.  ( All j-tube )  I am still suffering from dumping syndrome daily. Because of the scarring I continue to get dialations because of the narrowing and keep my throat open at about 8 mm so all eating is slow and careful.   Mainly feel sick for 30 minutes to 2 hours after almost every meal.  Short winded and have never got my stamina or full strength back not to mention I do not like to bend over below the waist at all or stuff backs up into my mouth.  I am also diabetic and am on insulin shots to control my sugar now.  S.S.D. has me up for a review in October of 2015 but my company that I worked at for 27 years will not hold my job after April of 2014.  I am 50 and worked tool and die my entire career.  I do not see how I will ever be able to return to that type of work.  My employer allows people to return to work with hour restrictions but 0 physical restrictions.  So with that as my history I am trying to figure out my options.  Will it be hard for me to requalify and just stay on SSD or I am going to have to start planning for some new entry level career that can accomodate my restrictions?  What have others experienced?  Thank you.



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I am 48 and was a firefighter at time of dx 5 years ago. I just had a revirew and it was just fill out the forms and tell them my continued current problems such as yours. SSD was continued. I doubt you will ever be cut off, so I wouldn't worry.


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Thank you Charlie.  I just was not sure about requalifing with S.S. and trying to figure out my future and wondered what others had experienced.  Thanks again.



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I did some research and found that you disability benefits may stop if you go into remission and show no signs of cancer for three years.  I was just approved for long term disability through my companY's insurance and am in the process of applying for SSD.  I have stage four EC and have been told my chances of remission are not very good.  

I have similar problems after eating.  I get extremely tired, my stomach cramps up, and sometimes get nausea.  I dont see how I can ever go back to work in this condition, even though I wish I could.  My GI does not think it is dumping because I don't get diarrhea.  I had the Ivor-Lewis surgery in February, 2012 and was told these problems should go away within a year.  If anything, it seems to become worse lately.

here is a helpful link on the SSD Iissue.


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I don't know if this applies to you since you appear to be working and you have already applied once. Esophogeal cancer falls under a grouping of medical conditions for compassionate disability. Which basically meanns they expedite the review process and you have a response in about a month or less. If you have all your records in order and can supply doctors names that are treating you so SS can verify the information quicker it helps.  

I did mine online and it was with maybe 4 phone calls from the SSI representative it proccessed and approved in less than a month and actually back dated based on older medical conditions. But I had never applied before and had lost my job so that wasn't an issue.  You probably need to call your local SSI office to talk with them about you particular case but it might be worth the effort .

i was 60 when I applied and I had back and knee issues as well so standing for long periods of time was out I don't remember if I was either stage 3 or 4 At the time.

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I am on SSD now and am not working.  I have to requalify for SSD in 2015.  On the SSD website where you are reading about cancer being in remission for three years there is a little more to it.  If you have residual symptoms that persist and keep you from having gainful employment you can requalify to continue and stay on SSD.  It is those symptoms as a result of the esopghegectomy surgery that are my issue.  I just wondered how hard it was to requalify or if they would try to retrain me for some new career that I would have to start from the bottom and that could work around my physical and eating requirements.



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I have EC Stage IV, but latest endoscope showed 'no cancer'?  Found out if you are now receiving regular SS you can not change to SSI or disabilty?  Would have helped if I could with being on a fixed income and retired?

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