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SIROD, how are you doing?

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So cold here-I can't imagine Maine!  Even though highs are in 50's, it is humid and cloudy and feels awful.  Supposed to clear up this afternoon. 

Hope you are snuggled in near a fire and doing better!  Hugs and prayers coming your way.

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We had some snow (1") just enough to make it look like a winter wonderland.  We did have some very cold weather a few weeks ago and some coming up this weekend.   I have a wonderful blanket to keep me warm:)  It is not as bad as some years yet!

Have my 4th chemo tomorrow and then start my 2 weeks off.  Tired is my only complaint.  I have started growing hair, longer in the back but the top is just an inche.  The color is awful sort of a battleship grey which I never had.  What happen to my real color?

Hope you will be feeling good soon.



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Posts: 4017
Joined: Oct 2009

Tired is a legtimate complaint!  I hate the chronic fatigue that often comes with Stage 4.

My hair first started as white fuzz, but now I am getting darker hairs and it is looking more salt and pepper.  Weird how it first came back-I thought it was going to end up pure white.  I hope I get a little more dark in there...lol.  Maybe you'll start getting some of your real color soon.

Hope you are feeling well soon too!

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I keep watching for updates on everyone. Just wish the fatigue was not so persistant. Stay warm, this cold is a bitter cold here. Between sub zero and about 25, depending on where you are.

New Flower
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It has been very cold. Glad to hear that you all sound and safe. 

of course fatigue is annoying. Doris are you still on Taxol?

Eileen sorry for pnemonia

Carol, please stay strong

hugs to all

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Thank you for the update ...  I cant get my head wrapped around all that you stage IV Sisters in PINK face on a daily basis ~ I am in awe of all of you, and inspired by each of you!

You all make me smile - each and everytime I see a post by you.

Keep Strong, and Fight, Fight Fight.

Vicki Sam




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I could not have said it any better Vicki Sam.  Truly remarkable women!!  

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I am still on Taxol and though there has not been any regression since the first ct scan last May, the next two showed that it was keeping me stable.

Think this cold spell is everywhere.  We have a wind chill factor below zero.  


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Yes it has been really cold out in the Pacific Northwest as well. It has finally warmed up to above freezing.

Where are you in Maine? I have a sister who lives in Moody.

I hope that you get to feeling better during your 2 weeks off of chemo. I have been reading your posts and you are one very strong and determined Woman. I really admire that!

Merry Christmas


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Here in Indiana truly freezing too.  Looks pretty though as white with snow, rarely get wind and have bright sunny days.  The fatigue is not nice and out of our control but hopefully no pain.  Constant pain just makes life difficult we don't need it and it too tires you.  Isn't it funny whatever goes on in life we talk about the weather.  I am English and we are always growning about it as usually so bone chilling cold with the dampness.keep fighting ladies.

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