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Having Faith

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How hard is it for you to have Faith? When I am tested to the utmost and things are falling apart before my eyes, I still believe and know that my God is there. He might not answer the way I ask but He will answer the way that is best for me.

Psalm 46:10 Be still, and know that I am God:

God Bless you all


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To be honest with you faith is hard for me right now. I believe in god and know he is taking me to heaven when I pass. But my faith in god's doing what is best is so very contradictory to what i feel is right. I feel like being healthy and happy and raising my family is what i was meant to do. According to the oncologist my hour glass is racing toward the finish line. So yes I believe in god and have faith in my salvation, but being a father is so very important to me.

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It is sometimes so difficult to understand 'Gods Will' or why things are the way they are, the 'not knowing'.  I have been confronted with some really unplesant stuff that is extremely painful to face and I just wonder 'why?'.  I know that is futile and maybe I am wallowing in it right now but honestly I am just bewildered!! 

A quote from Sufi wisdom - ' a little irritation is needed in order for the pearl to develop'  which I have always taken seriously but the at present that irritation is bordering on destruction!

Faith, belief whatever, God is always there and it doesn't matter how many times we turn our back, Allah is the perfect lover/parent/friend waiting with open arms. But why is what we may never know.

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I too have been through so much with having cancer three times, it was as if it will never stop till it kills me or gives up….I remember one day laying in bed and just asking God why, then to hear His voice say “I love you”. I asked if you love me why are you letting me go through this again. The voice came back and said “Remember I love you”. My body was shacking but I was not afraid then a feeling of God assurance rested on me. I had living hell to go through but I forces on God letting me know that He cared. I wrote and little story about my life that I called Prison if you like to read it go to this web-site. www.restoringgodstruth.com/prison/


I am still having problems but now it is living through the effects of radiation and at times it is worse then the cancer...


God Bless and happy holidays we made it to 2014


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