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Three years ago Thanksgiving week . . .

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I started treatment 300 miles away from home for stage IIIB anal cancer.  Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed a cancer free life since my treatment ended January 12, 2011. Tomorrow, I will go for a 6 month scan.  It is now beginning to feel like it happened in another lifetime.

I can honestly say that I am at the best place I can ever remember being in my life.  I carry very little fear, if any, these days. I love the people and the life I have created since my cancer. I've made some monumental choices in order to get to this happy place.  I know one thing for certain . . .if I hadn't had cancer, I would not have had the courage nor the wisdom to live where I now physically and mentally live.  

For me, like for so many of you, having cancer marked the beginning of my get-real, completely let go and let God lifestyle.   Here's to new beginnings!  Here's to us!

God Bless Everybody and Happy Thanksgiving!




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What a difference a few years can make, right?  I read your post and except for the length of time, I am right where you are--enjoying the best years of my life post-cancer treatment.  It is beginning to seem like a long, long time ago when I got the news and faced that brutal treatment.  Never could I have imagined that life would once again be normal and oh, so sweet!  I am so glad that you are in such a good place in your life!  May your scan go well and give you the all clear once again.  NED forever--that is my wish for you!  Please let us know the good news when you receive it. 

Thank you for all of your contributions to this board.  I know you don't come here as often as you used to, but I see that as a good thing!  To me, it means you are out there living, laughing and loving!  Have a very Happy Thanksgiving with your precious family!

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I am right on your heels by just a couple months as I am approaching my 3yr follow-up for Stage 3b as well.  We are fortunate to have arrived at this place of physical and emotinal well being! 

My pre-cancer life was good, full of friends and family, but my post-cancer life is abundant in strength, wisdom, patience, faith, and a deeper appreciation for all that I had before along with all I have gained since, with the hope of all that is yet to be.

Congratulations on your healthy life and Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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Thank you for the update on your status!  I completed the protocol (mitomycin, 5FU & XRT) 9/27 for IIIb AC!  It is great that you took out the time to encourage me/us!  Happy Thanksgiving!


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I am so with you... 3 years NED. 3 years ago was the worst Thanksgiving. Now, I feel blessed. Love to you. 

Question: my oncologist does not want to do any more PET scans but only surgical / anal checks. Are you still doing PET scans every 6 months after this? Elke

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My surgeon oncologist told me yesterday that he feels that I won't need any more scans unless I  have problems. I want to talk to my rad onc to see if she is in agreement.  They have not liked using PET scans unless the CT comes back problematic.  I will probably continue to have DREs every 6 months until the 5 year mark just for my own peace of mind.




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It sounds like everything is good for you!  I am so happy to hear that!  While the scans give us peace of mind, the downside, of course, is the additional radiation.  I see my med onc on Tuesday and am hoping that he tells me the same thing--no more scans!  We are both doing well, my friend, which makes me so very happy!

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Your post has lifted my spirits--I year ago Thanksgivng I was wearing the Chemo pump--I am doing well and it does feel like a life time ago God Bless 

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Angela, your outlook, your life after cancer.  It is truly inspiration.  Today, most of all, I will be giving thanks for being cancer free and being a better person than I ever was before.  I see life from another window now and one I like better than the window I was looking out of before.

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I agree with all you say.  Diagnosis was a life altering experience but I think I've become much more appreciative because of it.  I am grateful for your input and sharing on this board.  Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.  Good luck on your scan!

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God bless you in your every step.


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