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It is with great sorrow that I let you know, my husband, Scott, passed away this afternoon after a 29 month battle with NSCLC.

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I am so so sorry for your loss, just to let you know the bible holds out such a positive hope for those loved ones we have lossed in death , in time the enemy death will no longer rob us of our loved ones . Your husband has traveled a road that we all at some point will walk down. Blessings to you for the comfort and care and love you showed your husband in his greatest hour of need , that to is a gift from God. You are in my prayers . Try and focus these next few days on all the good things you and your husband shared during your life together , please never let those memories be over shadowed by this last few years and your husband's struggle in this diease. It can rob us of so many things , even the things that once brought us such happy times before this diease. So stay strong for yourself now , just like you were strong for him. He is at peace now . Much love and prayers to you !!! Hugs

Bill Baker
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Dawn, I am so sorry for you loss.  I wish you peace at this time.  I do not know whether Hospice was involved but even if they were not, your local Hospice will offer bereavement support.  Take your time and breathe.  



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So sorry for your loss. This is a truly painful time for the family that is left behind.  Please know that you truly did everything you could to make his journey easier and to give him every chance you could to find tools that improved his chances in his battle.  

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I am praying for you and your family.

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Thank you for your support, suggestions, comments, and condolences.

Hospice was involved and I highly recommend them. They were/are a great source of support as well.

May you all stay strong in your personal battles with cancer.

Be blessed,


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I am sending you my deepest sympathy for your loss.  Please stay in touch with us if you want to.


Hugs and prayers,



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I am so sorry for your loss and I could say a million things to you- But at the end of the day... your husband is gone. After a very tramatic illness you lived through with him.  
My husband passed away from the same thing 6 weeks ago yesterday. Even at this point I am in some sort of "I still can't believe it's real" state of mind. But I have cried until I can't much anymore. Doesn't mean it doesn't hurt any less. I am now in some sort of "limbo"... I'm sure the process and how we handle it is different for most of us.

I hope you have good family support since Hospice is no longer needed and other loved ones around you when and if YOU need them.

God be with you Dawn, you will be in my prayers.

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The kids and grandkids have been here all week and left a couple of hours ago. I can't stop crying. I was "fine" while they were here as I didn't want to add more burden to their grieving and I understand I have to go through this but man it hurts so much. We have been together since I was 17 I truly have lost my best friends - my life.

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My heart goes out to you again.  Time is the only salve for this wound and there are many painful nights for those left behind.  own your grief, don't let others tell you you should be over it- ever.  Time will heal the wound but never the scars left from his passing.  When you can remember to do it, redirect your memories to the good times, shake the images if the last days and hours from your mind.  I wish you peace.  

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