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Castor Oil Packs

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My husband started radiation today and his oncologist is suggesting Castor Oil packs on his neck at night.   He is also using Miaderm.   Has anyone else used the Castor Oil packs and any suggestions.  I am a little confused about the process and haven't seen this talked a lot about on the posts.


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You haven't gotten a lot of responses yet because people will tend to scratch their heads a bit over this treatment.  There is othing wrong with it, but it just does't show up on this board very often.  Castor oil has some antibacterial properties, so I suppose there may be a reason to recommend it for radiation induced skin problems.  And the oil of course makes sense, because oil is great treatment for radiation burns.  But he isn't burned yet, and frankly he may not get burned, so this is a pretty aggressive treatment.  I'm not saying that's wrong, but it may be more than necessary at least for now.  Most of us get some radiation burn toward the end of treatment, then agressive skin care is important, and thereare a million ways of doing it. 

One caveat though, you don't want to go into radiation with the oil still on your skin, so how has he been counselled about its removal?


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nobody has brought this neck remedy up since I've been here....but like LTS said, the oil makes sense for when the skin gets dried out, or starts peeling.  For the time being maybe try Aquafor (gawd knows it's as greasy as Castor Oil)....or Calendula cream (the kind they make for baby's butts).....Calendula has healing properties, too....and not near as messy as the other really greasy lotions and potions.  You can get it at any health food store.


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+1 on pats comment about not having oil on your neck during radiation.


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Thank you for the comments, good to know that I wasn't missing anything.  We are going to talk to the doctor again and start using the aquaphor.


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