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What are your thoughts

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Warriors, I work with a woman who has an aggressive, stage three cancer.  She was very fortunate to find a clinical trial to participate in locally and I am thrilled for her.

Here is the thing.  She came in to tell me the doctor told her:  "I am going to cure you."

Ladies, I was a little taken aback.  I had stage 1a UPSC and my doctor never promised me a cure.  She is running around the building telling everyone she is going to be cured and they all calling me crying and saying how great. 

I pray it is true.  I hope my state gets overrun with women seeking this cure, but this woman has only had two chemos and has months of chemo before surgery.  I just wanted to toss this out to you all and see what your thoughts are.  This is the only place I can ask. 

Am I jealous that none of us can hear those words?  I truly believe in a positive attitude, my moniker tells you what I think of mine, but I am hoping some of you will help me find the right words.

Thanks ladies.   

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It is possible the Dr. felt that was what this lady needed in order to get in the zone to fight the beast.  I am not sure I agree with this approach - but I guess there is not much it can hurt.  If the trial doesn't cure her the outcome will be the same but at least now she has a positive attitude. Maybe?

I don't think you are jealous - I think it is a testament to your caring spirit to wonder if this Dr is leading a patient down the garden path.

Just my 1 cent worth (our dollar is falling here - my 2 cents Cdn is 1 cent American these days) !



Lisa 00
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I highly doubt the doctor said those words in that order to your friend.  It has been my experience that, when people are so motivated, some are able to truly hear what they want to hear.  Your coworker may have experienced just that.  She may have mixed up some words he did say, or she may have coerced the doc to say something similar to that like, "I'm going to see what I can do to cure you." 

Please don't be jealous.  I'm quite sure her doc did not utter that sentence to her.  I'm also pretty sure your coworker did "hear" those words, is ecstatic about it, and it may help her some.  I would just smile, nod and be happy for her current state of mind knowing that she is just hearing what she needs to hear in a time of desperation.     

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I thought I might be way off base but I knew I could rely on the women on this board to help out. 

My prayers for you all.

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I remember hearing from one of my Doctors early on about "cure".  I had an aggressive uterine cancer (undifferenciated small cell carcinoma) four years ago.  I wondered how he knew they could "cure" it, but I had great trust in my medical team and knew that they would do what they could.  In the long run, after the chemo, external and internal radiation, multiple transfusions, and finally surgery, hopefully I am cured, knock-on-wood.  Looking back, I really think that particular doctor was looking at it from his part of the team - he was a radiation doctor, and knew what radiation techniques would work to shrink the tumor.  Shrinking the tumor meant I would be operable eventually, and cured.  At the same time as I heard this, I also heard from my other doctor what a rare form of cancer I had.  They worked fast, and a lot of the details seem far away now.  I am pretty much back to normal now.  Here's hoping your co-worker has excellent care, and they used the word "cure" in the same way they did for me, meaning do-able.

My very best to you,


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I just finished reading about your type of cancer.  Really rare.  Have you read about Colleen Marlette?  I'd like to read the book she has coming out in December

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Hi ConnieSW,

Thank you for the email - I haven't read about Colleen Marlette yet, I'll look into that.



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Wow the first thoughts coming to my head, THIS DOC MUST BE SELLING SNAKE OIL!!!!  If he had a cure or was truly claiming to cure this patient, he should be in the front page of all the national newspapers and on the internet.  Wish like everyone on this site there was a cure.  Why do fund raisers touting 'LOOKING FOR A CURE"?


I'm even skeptical of a person whom tells me if you eat this or that food, you'll be cured.  Our bodies are very finely tuned and unique, what works for one person might not work for another.  All we can do is keep on trying to keep our immune systems strong and keep a very positive mind.


Good luck to all you warriorettes!!


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