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I am happy to report nothing....

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As in nothing growing inside of me; no evidence of disease.

Maybe it is possible to beat sarcomitoid metastatic renal cell carcinoma.

50 or so more NED's and I am done:  6 quartly scans, 4 6 month scans, and then 40 annual scans will take me to 94.


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FANTASTIC!  DHS, remind me, please, what meds are you on if any? That is GREAT NEWS!

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Joined: May 2012

I had a solitary met.  They cut it out.  Endo fo story, for now.

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That is wonderful news!!!!

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Congratulations. Glad to hear it.


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Congratulations! That is great news! 


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Great news! 

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Gotta love the good news.!

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Awesome!  Smile

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Congrats on the scan!!



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The NED is all the better where their was a little hiccup earlier.



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Joined: May 2012

Once you have distant mets, you know the cancer has traveled far.  You hope that nothing starts growing, but you know there are probably cancer cells in the blood. 

My first scan, at six months, I was not worried.  That is when they found the solitary lung met.  Now I worry a little bit.

The other good news is my kidney function improved enough to allow me to get IV contrast


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Whats the possible secret. Is salt bad and is downing lots of water really needed. Are you intentionally doing anything different than before. 

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Joined: May 2012

The doctors cut out the tumor, and cut out the met.  The only difference is I am now on a blood thinner for unrelated health issues  (caridiac stent).  I am also younger than most of the crowd here (49)

I figure I have between 40 and 50 more NED's in my life, if I am lucky. 

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Great news David! I hope you're enjoying the GTi more than ever.  


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Like is too short for a Toyota.

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You rock DHS! Congratulations!

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