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I'm new here... stage 4 colon cancer Good News!

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Hello everyone,

I Have been reading this forum since I was diagnosed with stage 2 colon cancer after having my 1st colonoscopy at age 42, just over a year ago.  I finally decided to join so I could give others hope.  Soon after my stage 2 diagnosis I was called in for more tests... ultrasound, MRI, and a liver biopsy (ouch!)  well my stage 2 turned to 4 overnight.  I was told I had a 6% chance of being alive 5 years from now.  I was stunned of course.  After a couple of days of feeling sorry for myself and about two weeks of thinking I was going to live a short painfull life I had a consult with a surgeon and was told my cancer was operable and I started chemo treatments, xeloda and oxaliplatin.  The fist few cycles were tolerable but I had intense neuropathy and nausea side effects after the third cycle, man did that suck!  I went through a lot of radiation sessions after my chemo both my oncologist and surgeon were very happy with my response to the treatments.  

My surgery was 7 hours long.  I had never even had a broken bone before and here I was getting a section of my colon removed and part of my liver removed.  That was pretty hard to deal with, but for me the worst part was getting an ileostomy.  I just couldn't get use to the idea of having that bag even though it was only temporary.  I had 4 more cycles of chemo and six months after my first surgery I had my ileostomy reversal... Best Day Ever!  So here I am 4 weeks after my reversal and I'm feeling awesome!  I lost a year of my life to cancer but I feel like I have beaten it.  I know I have years of tests and scans ahead of me but I say bring it on.  I went from thinking I was about to waste away and die to being cancer free... and I plan on staying that way!  

Don't give up and keep believing, I know how hard it can be but all the crap I went through has truly made me a stronger and better person.  Thanks for reading this and good luck to everyone here!

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Welcome to the forum, Big Mike (love the name and the picture).

I'm so glad that you have joined us, and hope that you will continue posting and helping others with advice and support. You've been through allot, as we all have, but sadly new people join us all the time, and they are the ones we need to reach out to. Well, those of us who have been dealing with this for a while need each other too of course. 

You sure sound positive and happy and that is a great blessing. 

May you continue getting those stronger and stronger. We all have to so much to offer, and I'm happy you're here to help us share. 

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I'm glad you are doing better,and I hope you continue to do so.Keep the good attitude.Welcome ,and good luck.

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Welcome to the boards.  So glad to hear that you are doing so well.  Your story gives much encouragement to those out there that are dealing with this disease.  Hope you continue to post.


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Congratulations Big Mike! 

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That is great news.  Sound like you have a good response  to your treatments.  I pray everything continues to go smoothly.  Jeff

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That is a great attitude and it sure helps; keep it up. Wish you and all the best



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Hi Mike,

Welcome to the forum.  I am glad that you joined this wonderful caring community. I joined the forum in early August. I am stage III CRC, presently going through Chemo Rad after my surgery. I am sure your positive attitude & postings will encourage newly diagnosed friends who join the forum, getting ready to fight this beast.

Good luck to you.


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