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Upcoming Surgery

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Hi everyone, this is my first posting and seeing that people are very supportive here, looking for some encouragement. I am having a left radical nephrectomy on the 14 Oct. and I am a wee bit worried. I have underlying health issues, Bronchiectasis, Diabetes, Hypertension, AF and have had a pleural empyema on my left lung, and I am just wondering if anyone could possibly say how I will come out of this after the anaesthesia. This is worrying me more that losing the actual kidney itself. I don't really react very well to the after-effects of anaesthesia. Hoping someone can put me at ease and allay any fears that I have.



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Lizzie, none of us here has the requisite expertise to give an answer of significant value to you.  Even if someone here is well equipped to reply, we differ so much as individuals that generalisations will be of little help and even your own docs, who know you, will be reluctant, I imagine, to offer you any guarantees. 

It seems to me that what is crucial is that those treating you are fully conversant with your medical background and your reasons for apprehension so that they are fully geared up to handle any eventuality.  If you've taken care of that aspect then I would say you can afford to trust the professionals, who encounter different constellations of  co-morbidities on a regular basis, and be confident that you'll come through it fine.

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Hi Lizzie, I have to agree with what Texas said! But, I wanted to ask you. The pleural empyema was in the past correct? You do not still have that infection currently? As long as there is no puss and the infection cleared up the doctors are not worried I take it.  As far as the diabetes & hypertension, I am trusting they are also maintained nicely.  My mom also had diabetes and hypertension (maintained) and she did well with surgery, she was 79 at the time. Are you having open surgery or will it be laproscopic?

I have seen doctors turn patients away if they were high risk.  For the mere fact that the doctors are going ahead with surgery, shows that they are confident that they can handle it all!  Have you shared your reaction to anesthesia with the doctors?  Are the doctors putting you at ease with the surgery?  Unless they tell you differently then I would put my confidence in them fully!  You seem to be a strong person with all that you endure!  You will be in our prayers!  Please let us know how the surgery goes and how you are doing.  I know you will do fine!  Keep the faith and be positive!  We are here for you!  XXOO

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I pretty much agree with Tex on this. Another factor  is your age.


One concern post surgery besides Cancer issues is your Kidney and cardiac heath. Losing a kidney, having high blood pressure and diabities all contribute negatively to kidney and cardiac heath and you may want to consult with a Nephrologist after the surgery.


As for the surgery itself. Mine was 11 years ago. It was not fun, but it sure beats the altenative,





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Thanks to everyone who has replied to my post, I am so very grateful. Everyone seems to be very kind with their comments, I have had my first appointment with a consultant and although I was telling him about my fear and anxiety, he didn't write any of this down at the time. Obviously the anaesthetist is the person who I need to speak to, so hopefully I can see him at my pre-admission appointment on Tuesday 8th. The reason why I have so much anxiety is at the time that I had pneumonia and showing no signs of being so ill, no temperature, oxygen levels high 97-98%, and when it was realised, it had turned to empyema and I had a really torrid time.

Hopefully, all my fears will turn to nothing, and I will come out of it better than I thought I would, so would like to again thank you all for your lovely words of comfort, and if it is okay, will keep you up to date with my progress.

Lizzie :)


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please post updates on your progress


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Yes I will do that, my next appointment at the hospital is on Tuesday, it is a pre-admission, so I am sure everything will go okay at that, I am hoping to speak to the anaesthetist as this is where all my concerns and fears are. I will update on Tuesday, thanks for everyone's interest and concern.

Lizzie :)


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Lizzie, make sure you talk to your anesthesiologist as soon as you can.  I have a problem with extreme nausea and vomiting after anesthesia.  I conveyed that along with the "older lady problems" that come with vomiting, and they made sure to give me LOTS of anti nausea meds while I was getting rid of the anesthetic and waking up.  Had NO nausea at all.  If they don't know about a potential issue, they can't address it.  Good luck and you will do great!

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Hi TillieSOK,   I was at my pre-admission appointment today and everything seems okay to go. My only problem is that I did not see the anaesthetist, so now I will not see him until the morning of my surgery, so I will only have that opportunity to inform him of my anxieties which I fully intend to do. So until then there is not much I can do or say, but I'm still very worried.  So thanks everyone for their kind wishes and I will let you all know how I got on after Monday.



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