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uploading an avatar

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Joined: Oct 2011

I have changed my avatar twice in the past with no problems. Now I can't seem to do it. I wnet through the motions and I get a prompt that says it was reisized and upload complete. But still no avatar. I tried this several times. Aany suggestions.

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  • First you have you remove the original one.
  • Refresh the page
  • Then you select a new photo and upload that.
  • Then you pray!
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Sending your new avatar good vibes!

Posts: 2215
Joined: Oct 2011

Still no luck. It is really frustrating me. I need some of what you are holding on your avatar.

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Joined: May 2005

Try a different browser?

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Anxious to see the new photo!

I just saved a graphic I found online to my computer and then uploaded.  I wonder if the problem is where  you are trying to upload from?   

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I've always uploaded it to Photobucket and then transfer it to my computer.  It has to be the right size or it won't take.  Looking forward to seeing it when you figure it out.


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