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Shoes for neuropathy..

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Joined: Apr 2012

Have neuropathy is my feet because of chemo. Am having  a hard time finding shoes that feel good. Any suggestions ?   Thanks

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Check out http://www.footsmart.com/ShopByCondition.aspx?ailmentId=133

They have many casual and athletic shoes, socks, insoles and slippers for diabetic neuropathy and other foot conditions. You can filter by brand, price, width, condition, etc. Read reviews before you order.

My favorite brand is "Mephisto", but they are rather expensive. Reasonably priced but still comfortable brands: "Clarks", "BORN", "Teva-Naot", "Hush Puppies", "Merrell". "Uggs Australia" and "EMU Australia" sheepskin boots are super-soft and light, especially the easy on and off Uggs Bailey button or EMU Valery.

I usually first try shoes on for size at the store, decide exactly what I want and then buy them online for a fraction of the retail price.


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are the only shoes I can wear now..have to start looking for something else as it gets colder. I hate neuropathy ...never went away for me.....val

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Joined: Jul 2013

Merells and runners are pretty much all I can wear at the moment!  Safety ahead of glamour unfortunately!!!


vanessamood's picture
Posts: 54
Joined: Apr 2012

  Thanks for your advice. Chemo two years ago am now NED but the neuropathy stays with me.

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Joined: Apr 2014

I wear New Balance WW928 which is a walking shoes with great support.  I use Superfeet insole-green for support.  I buy the shoes online because they are cheaper--$134.00/pair.  I am a teacher and I can manage to get through a day of school fairly well.  I also take Norc 5-325 painkiller every 6 hours because the neuropathy has moved from my feet to my knees.  A pair of shoes worn daily for work will last about 6 months.

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Hello Vanessa, I too have neuropathy in my feet & finger tips. About a year ago I found some shoes @ Sears( I also have purchased them on line @ Amazon) they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I stopped wearing sneakers & have been wearing these ever since. They go with any outfit, come in different colours. They are called "Weekends" or "Payday" & are made by Khombu. For some reason Sears does not carry them in my local store anymore, but you can order online & then pick them up at a Sears store. I like the "Mary Jane" style, they have a strap across the top, but I also have the "open" style. I just have a problem with keeping shoes on my feet, I cannot wear "flip flops" anymore for that reason. They are made of woven elastic & are lightweight, feel like slippers on the feet. I am sure you will feel the benefit of these shoes right away. The price is right too, they sometimes are on sale, I have never paid over 30.00.

Good Luck I hope this will help with your problem.:)


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I still have problems and have found the Clarks Unstructured line is comfortable, as are some of the Keen sandals/shoes.

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Hello vanessamood, it is hard to find out the perfect shoes for feet.  I also have been suffering same problems. I used some footwear [content removed by site administrator]. I am totally getting relaxed now.

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Joined: Dec 2012

You can find these at the New Balance store, or on-line.

I have tingling in the middle three toes of each foot, and a sensation of walking with a pebble in my shoes.  These casual shoes are pretty comfortable.

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Quite by accident, I've found something that may help with this condition. I have lingering neuropathy in my feet too, tho I've been off chemo for several months.

For an upcoming long overseas flight, I was in the market for some compression socks to help with blood circulation in the legs. (We're keenly aware of this condition, since I had pulmonary emboli in my 20s & my husband has just had a mild stroke.) Got tired of looking unsuccessfully in local stores so I went online. Walgreens (no, they're not paying me) has a large selection of compression socks on their web site at all prices. I found some for as little as $5-$8. They've just arrived, & they're great! Tried them out yesterday. They made my feet/legs feel better, and they lessened the neuropathy considerably.

While shopping online, I found the socks come in various degrees of compression. Some on the Walgreens site identify their degree of compression; some don't. You could go to the brand's own website to learn more about any specific socks. The pairs I picked are the Celeste Stein brand, which seem to me quite light compression but still effective. I liked that they came in patterns, etc., & don't look like those hospital socks. Also, Walgreens offers free shipping for a minimum purchase, so I loaded up on other drugstore needs. As I recall, Walgreens says they don't sell most of the compression socks in stores.

As to shoes--I second the advice on the Clark's brand. I have serious ortho problems with my feet -- a lifetime of rheumatoid arthritis; I should have foot reconstruction but have more important issues at the moment Tongue Out -- and have found Clark's, Born & Josef Seibel brands good for my foot problems.

Good luck!

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