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Has this happened to anyone

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I had a fever yesterday and left work early. I noticed my neck was all red and hot exactly where the treatment area was mapped out.last night the fever broke and i am feeling better todday. my neck and partial chest is still red and very sore, much similar to when you over work a group of muscles and feel it the next day. I also noticed the lymphodema under my chin which has gotten progessivly better over the last 10 months is large again. i had unknown primary with one node removed under my left side of the chin. I am almost 10 months post treatment and dont understand what this could be. I emailed my radiation DR and he said he does not think it is cancer related. i think it is treatment related, you know the gift that keeps giving. I am thinking this is the way my body will handle flu and colds - Virus - any thoughts?

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some of us get parotitis (or more properly saladenitis) after radiation treatment.  I have had six or seven episodes in 15 years.  Fadiation fibrosis partially closes the salivary duct, and slow salivation compounds the problem with emptying the salivary gland, so bacterial infection is possible.  Pain, swelling and fever are the signs.  With some of these episodes I have really been quite ill, and it is possible to wind up in the hospital with this.  The treatment is prompt diagnosis, and appropriate antibiotic therapy.   This is not an "over the phone" type of situation, but your ENT is the best one to diagnose and treat you.



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Maybe I am over the top, but I would want an ENT to scope (through the nose) and check the back of my throat, tonsils, etc and possibly have an ultrasound or PET/CT scan.  Since the primary is unknown, this is what I would do.

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You sent me to the dictionary but I appreciate it. No fever today. No swelling at the left or right side of my face in front of my ears where the big gland is located.just soreness and a little red At the areas that received radiation 10 months ago. Can't remember the name of it but the smaller gland under the jaw is a little swollen I think - I associated this with lymphadema, and a drainage problem of some sort. Had a tube put in my ear a few months ago because the tubes god gave me were not working. But your the man with the knowledge so I will make an emergency appearance on Monday at my ENT if the soreness and swelling do not go down. Any other words of wisdom? 

Thank you for the thoughts


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I agree with LTS. Jim ended up in the hospital for a week on interveneous antibiotics. His sweling went from small to the size of a baseball in a weekend. I called the on call oncologist when it first started to be painful and they said warm compress. By Monday it was baseball size and when the RAD doc saw it he sent him to emergency. The docs said lucky we caught it before it became absessed. So if it gets any larger this weekend, go to emergency.


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The redness is almost gone - no fever- no swelling except under my chin ( still think lymphodima) no pain- still a little sore in the collar bone area but nothing like it was. I don't think I am going to the doctor tomorrow but instead will go to work. If I should get a reoccurrence I will head straight to my ENT. I took pictures of the redness so I can show my team of doctors the next time I see them. Tank you for your feed back

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I am MRSA positive and have had Celulitis in my face, neck and chest, on the affected side 6-7 times. I have actually outlined the Cellulitis with an ink pen and watched it spread across my face, neck ETC. I was hospitalized and given IV Vancamiacin over 3-4 days. If that is what you have, DO NOT mess around with it, get to your doctor or an ER and get checked out.




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Thank You - i did some research and dont think that is what I had. My RN wife agrees with me as she says if it were celutitis i would have definatately needed antibiotics. Unfortunately my wife and mom were away in AC the weekend this occured. Right now all i have is theories. All pain, redness and swelling are gone. I have decided to take it easy for a couple of weeks cutting back on the gym and dojo. My theories include:

1- this is how my body will handle viruses and flu and cold

2- maybe getting thrown around is not good for me because of the way my lymphatic system drains now without one of the lymph nodes

3- maybe being around the kids is no good for me - maybe my immune system is not up to being around sniffling children

I know there is a way to attach a picture, but dont have the patience to figure it out so i could show everyone what my neck and area around the collar bone looked like. it was red in exactly where i was hit with the radiation and no where else. it looked like i was in the sun for three days and the only place without sun screen was the red area.

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Oh Roar! I did not see your post, but I have the same thing. I posted with the title Rash today. Would like your input also. 

I am not around children, and the gym - what is that? Lol! I hope you find a solution. 

Love & Prayers,


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I can't believe this redness happened again- not as bad as the last time - no fever and much less pain. Bit I can't figure out what it is- naturally it happened last night and today have none of my doctors to take a look. Very frustrating 

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seems crap always happens on wkends so we have plenty of time to worry...lol.  sorry u r having trouble again.  hang n there, monday w/b here soon.


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