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Good news from Germany / still NED / update

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Hi friends,

Thorsten had his surgery on Sep 17th after there was a suspect area found on his latest CT. The plan was diagnostic laparascopy and PIPAC (->ask google) if neccessary. Well.. the result... they had to remove several "Verwachsungen" (scar tissue? don't know the english word...Kathi please help) and took some biopsy samples but after it did not look like peritoreal mets they did not do the pressorized chemo. Kind of good news. And even better news: both samples (liver + perit.) were benign. Hurray.

Today, Oct 1st, he met with his Onc to talk about the results and the next steps. Well, he is still considered NED - hurray hurray! On Dec 15th they will do annother CT to visualize the new status quo after the latest surgery but for the moment we can relax.

Thanks tou you all for your support during the last 2 years. You cannot imagine how much help you were (and still are!)

A big huf from Germany


PS: As usual we will "celebrate" the results by some travels... Nov 4th we will leave for 3 weeks on the nice french island of Guadeloupe to stay in this cute houses http://tinyurl.com/p7nxyck and  http://tinyurl.com/ob9heol

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We do so like to hear good news, and celebrate with you and  Thorsten. 

I hope you can get some much neeeded and deserved rest. 

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Even though surgery is no fun, I'm glad you came out of it with good news. I wish you a speedy recovery and good luck with the follow up.


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I'm assuming they had to remove "adhesions", which is what they call scar tissue in the abdomen (and maybe other areas too, not sure).  Anyway, the fact that it was benign and not peritoneal mets is HUGE.  So happy for both of you!

Big hugs~AA

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Great news, Petra.  You must be so relieved.  I am very happy for you both.



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WOW, That is Great News!   Now it is time for you time relax and your husband to heal.


We are sending our thoughts and prayers from the mountians in Arizona, USA.

Best Always,  mike


PS  I may times thought my cancer was more difficult for my wife then me. I accepted that I have cancer and have to battle, and she stresses about my cancer.  You will need to find the balance.

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What great news.!! So I assume he is NED.  Good luck to you both!

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Fantastic news, Petra! Feel very happy for you!

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Whooooo Hooooo, what a relief for you both!!!! I am so glad to hear this.  Onward Ho to the next victory!!

Winter Marie

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Edited the usual post to give some updates...

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Thanks for updating.  I tried to open the links you posted and this comment came up:

Sorry, nouvellesiles.com is not currently accessible because it is categorized as porn


I thought it was pretty funny.  Enjoy your trip!

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Wuahahahahaha *laugh*

Well, the climate may be hot but not pornografic *grin*. But if your computer does not like the page of "nouvellesantilles" (that's the travel agency)you may try the google picture search: Look for "bungalow cythère guadeloupe" and "bungalow acomat-bellevue guadeloupe". At least I see a lot of nice pics of those houses.

Still laughing



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Those houses look great.  Have a wonderful trip.

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Guadeloupe is gorgeous!  Drink it in and celebrate,

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This is our second visit. First one was 2004 (and 2005 on the neighbour island Martinique)... such a great place and I loooooove the food and the rum :-)

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whoo hoooo!!!  Congrats on that wonderful news!!! I am so happy to hear that today!  Sending wishes for continued NED and a safe and wondreful trip! My best to you both! Cool


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Hi Petra,

Congrats to both of you for coming out with good results on Thorstan's surgery. NED is the most soothing word I would like to hear from anyone fighting this dreadful decease.

Its 2 months since I joined this wonderful forum & it has become part of  my family. Concern & affection of the CSN members towards other fellow members is amazing.

Good luck to Thorstan for an eternal NED



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