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Laz' Update.

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So I got the report of the MRI and the chest/liver CT. 

Unfortunatelly my rectal cancer did not responded to the radiation and chemo at all. So I need full resection. Lymph nodes look ok.

I decided to go with a surgen at Cedar Sinai in Los Angeles. He was very confident, warm, patient with us and the hospital has very good reputation. He performs around 25 rectal colon surgeries a month.

My chest is clear on the CT, however there is a "questionable new small faint low-density lesion" on the right side of the liver that wasn't on the CT in May. The radiologist and the  surgeon says it's not conclusive, but just in case they ordered a liver ultrasound and if that's suspicious they may order a PET scan.

Those of you who had any kind of liver lesions, would you share with me what you know and what happened.

Thank you,



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This is disappointing news.  I was so hoping that your results would show a good response to the chemo/rad.  I'm very sorry that's not the case.  If surgery is your next step, it sounds like you have a great surgeon lined up and will be in very good hands. 

As for the "low density lesion" seen on your liver, I'm glad they are proceeding with further testing.  If it's just a single lesion, it may be treated with resection or stereotactic radiation (see the link below for info about this procedure).  The thing that is amazing about the liver is that it has the ability to regenerate itself or regrow.  I know several people who have had liver resections because of metastatic disease and are doing well.


I have had a liver lesion show up on previous scans.  However, it has been determined to be calcified, which means it's old and not actively growing and has most likely been there for awhile.  That said, it really concerned me until it was fully explained to me.  Obviously, no treatment has been necessary.  It would be very good news to hear that yours is the same--calcified.  However, if it just now appeared on your last CT and was not there before, it definitely needs further evaluation.

This is not what I wanted to hear regarding your results, but your attitude is amazing.  Please know that I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and sending lots of positive energy your way.  Please keep us posted.

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I am sorry to hear that you have to face all this after everything you have been through, your positive attitude and your new bride will see you through this, I will keep good thoughts for you, just put you on my prayer chain right next to Mary, sounds like you are in good hands all around

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I am very sorry that the cancer did not respond to the treatments. Sounds like you have a good feeling about your surgeon. That is important.

I had a second cancer diagnosis after the anal cancer. I have Neuroendocrine cancer and had a tumor with spread to the regional lymph nodes. There is no effective treatment for this rare cancer. I had surgery to remove the tumor in my small intestine and the nodes. So, I am sure you understand that surgery can be curative, if there is no spread to the nodes. I will pray that your surgery goes well and that it cures you. I know it is not easy at all.

I also have multiple lesions in my liver. They saw this on the CT scan, Pet scan, and on ultrasound. They are keeping an eye on my liver for now. Right now, the big concern is my lungs.

Hang in there! You will be in my prayers daily while you go through this.

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I am so sorry that the tumour did not respond to chemoradiation. You gave that your best shot & sadly it has not worked for you. 

So, onwards & upwards.  You have a surgeon you trust, you are in a loving relationship. The are in the liver has not yet been proved to be anything. Try to hold onto that. It is not fact, just a suspicion. You have already had good advice here, but it sure doesn't hurt to know there is another person on yoyr side.

What I do know of you from your posts,  is that you are a positive person & that is sure to help.

Thinking of you, & wishing you what you wish yourself. 


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When I logged on this morning, I noticed your new pic with your beautiful bride!  You are a great-looking couple and the smiles on your faces show how happy you are!  I wish you both all the best!

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Your new pic is great! So sorry you didn't get the report we all hope for. You know that cliche......."if at first you don't succeed, try try again".......to often these becomes words we must live by, and willingly or not, we seem to do what we must until we DO succeed! Your GREAT attitude will help you get there. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers to have "success" in this battle.

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I am so sorry that your treatment didnt work, I still am unsure if mine did I have feelings everyday that it is still here, I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, YOU can Beat this!

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...is about getting bad news that turns out to be nothing (the suspicious spot in the liver) is that you take the second worst news (radical surgery) a lot easier.


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Congratulations on your wedding day! What a beautiful bride, you must be so very proud.

Sorry to hear that surgery is necessary. You are clearly a strong individual who can rise to life's challenges, and I am sure that you will sail through this with the love and support that you have to hand.

The problem with scans is that they always seem to pick up something that leaves a question mark hanging over you. Glad to hear that this looks like it wont be much to worry you and you can focus on the surgery that you do need.


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