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Gabe N Abby Mom Memorial was this afternoon

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Double Whammy
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I attended Linda's memorial service this afternoon.  Re also attended and it was really nice to have her there.  The service itself was lovely and well attended.   Many stories were shared by her friends and family and they simply reinforced what I already knew - Linda was a phenomenal woman.  It was especially nice to hear from others how Linda's involvement here was pivotal to her these past 3 years through her journey.  As we form new relationships and comraderies amongst ourselves in the future, I will remember not only how she touched me, but how we collectively brought something to her.  And that is such a good thing - and a reason to remain active.

The family appreciates all of you and what you meant to Linda.  Let us never forget her and all of her words of wisdom, love, and encouragement.



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Thank you and Re for being there and representing us. She will truely be missed by us all.



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Christmas Girl
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I am glad to know our dear RE was also there today, with you. And you with her.

Saw these words, somewhere, earlier: If you knew Linda, you loved her.

So true. She will, indeed, always be remembered with great fondness & admiration.

(((Heartfelt Hugs)))

Kind regards, Susan

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Suzanne, glad you and Re were there for us and for Linda.  It is nice to know that we had a positive impact on her.  We all know what a blessing she was to the board.  She will be missed.


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I thought of you attending Linda's memorial service.  I am glad that RE attended too.

Linda was such a lovely person and will live in the hearts of all those who knew her in real life and in this cyber one.



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Thank you so much for attending in our stead.  I am very glad RE could make it with you.  We were with my grandson, taking him to the airport

to return home or I would have attended as well.  Thank you again for attending and for coordinating the gift donations.


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Linda holds a special place in my heart.  We talked about meeting up the next time she was going to Montana.  Thank you so much for representing us.  I am glad that RE was with you. Much love and admiration of you!  xoxoxo Lynn


New Flower
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Thank you both you and Rena for attending Linda's service. She was a very special, warm and carring. I miss her presence here, sure she is watching over us.

Hugs to you and all

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It was an honor to be there for Linda and to aid in representing those of us who loved her from this community.  I have posted a couple of photo's in the expressions gallery if you would like to see them.  It was so nice to have Suzanne there with me, it was a beautiful celebration of life for a beautiful soul! 

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Linda was a truly wonderful person and will be missed.  I am so glad you both could be there for each other and for us as well.


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Thank you for posting the lovely photos of Linda.


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It was my pleasure, I loved Linda greatly and will miss her so much!

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and giving us an update.  It is so sad that she passed away.  She was truly amazing and I feel for her kids who have lost their mom.  I will always remember her.

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