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Mask has been made

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Number 4!  Cyberknife will be Wednesday, Thursday and maybe Friday.  I feel very good about this treatment.  Doctor was very encouraging.  I will leave Wed. morning and stay at my sister's again.  It is great to have so much support.  Also, pain med was upped, I was on a 'whimpy' dose!  I would rather sleep than be in pain.  'C' is on my facial nerve this time.

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4th time the charm.

Only good thoughts and prayers for you.


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bev, hoping and praying for the best 4 u.  i pray the tx will b kind to u.


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Thinking of you and have you in my prayers. I know you will be relieved to get rid of the pain. They told me tired and sore throat could last 2 weeks. It was a week yesterday and I haven't felt tired but my mouth is sore on the side they did tx. The inside of cheek and back by throat hurt sometimes when I eat or drink but otherwise don't really hurt. Thankful that I still have magic mouthwash. Have you had the simulation MRI with mask on yet? If so, the hardest part is already behind you!

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Yes, I had the simulation with the mask on.  Treatment starts Wednesday.

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You're moving forward!!  I'm so glad you're staying with your sister.....sisters are the best nurses (aside from mom)....but that's where they learned their skills....and you know you are loved.


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Will be keeping you in prayer that all goes well next week, they can say what they want but when it comes to pain or pill I will take the pill any day. I just wish they would approve Marry Jane for medical use here in Louisiana, from what hear it would be the drug of choice for nerve pain and I have a lot of it.


God Bless


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and will continue to be in my prayers!  

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My hope and expectation is that you will get significant relief from your facial nerve pain within just a few days.  Go get em.


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guide the hands of your surgical team, and remove all pain and cancer...

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Positive thoughts and prayers


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jim and i
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Praying al goes well and they get the C


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I will continue to keep only positives flowing for you.  My best to you always !   Katie 

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Thoughts and Prayers coming your way while you kick some butt.


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Prayers your way for the last of treatments, and that this will be the one that fixes you up ever lasting...


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Thinking of you today as you start your tx. Wishes for success and an easy journey.



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Love your attitude!!  Positive thoughts and mojo coming your way!


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D Lewis
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Holding you in my thoughts today and for the rest of the week.


Eddie J
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I am at Stanford in California.   Dr. Loo is my doctor having been referred from Dr. Sunwoo, my surgeon.  This is my 4th treatment since Aug 2010.  My first 'c' was on my right upper lip.  1 inch of lip was removed, 50 stitches, followed by IMRT radiation.  Squamous cell, perineural invasion, spindel cell variant--clean margins!  One year later, on left side of neck, lump--followed by neck dissection and more radiation (very rare to cross from right upper lip to left neck).  I put the ABI in abinormal!  Last fall I started having double vision.  It ended up that the bugger went up my nerve to the optic nerve,  I neede to have my right eye removed followed by chemo and radiation.  We knew with the surgery that it was not a clean margin.  I started out having headaches this summer,  followed by severe nerve pain in my cheek.  I was back on pain meds.  PET scan.  Doctors at Stanford saw areas on the nerves were larger--"c" is back.  Treatment this time is Cyberknife.  I just finished Day 2, there will be 5 treatments now, no pain, you are on the table 30 to 40 minutes.  Meds given for side effects put me out so I sleep the afternoon away.  Feel free to contact me, I am very open about my journey.



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Glad you are feeling up to posting the update. Actually, I was surprised when you first said your tx was going to be 3 days because I thought 5 was the norm. Unfortunately, I guess the extra  2 tx will mean you won't be returning home over the weekend. Glad you have your sister to stay with. What kind of meds are they giving you for side effects? I didn't get any with the SBRT. I asked for ativan and they only gave me 5 saying I only had 5 tx so that was all I needed.  Actually, it made me tired so when I knew I could handle  the tx, I didn't take it. Today is 2 weeks out for me. I did have the very slight sore throat on one side and had to use MMW and a few days with my shoulder being sore on that side but not what I would call painful. I worked the last 2 weeks and am at the lake for a long weekend. Hope your recovery this time goes as easy as mine did because I know the tx was similar.

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