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Everything looks fantastic

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That's the exact quote the pulmonary doctor said as she entered the room. Had the scan at 8am and the results at 9am. She showed me the scan on the computer in the room. The nodule has not changed and there are no new ones, they also scanned the throat and she said it looked good but she is not an H&N doc, will see him next week but all is well there, had an extensive scope and videostrobe in July. So although I am not NED (prostate showing some cancer cells) all of the worrying stuff is gone now for six months.

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I love hearing this.....all those nerves for a phenominal relief (and you only had to wait an hour!!)....now, we only have my scan left to "hear" about.  I'm thinking that if it comes in today, that I'll finally get the word at 2:15.  If it doesn't, then it's frigging lost.


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post as soon as you hear, I hate waiting for the phone to ring and I know youre nervous~~praying for a ned for you dear Phrannie

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That is why I so love going to Hershey, yes it's a relatively long drive through Amish Country, always get stuck behind a horse and buggy, but you always get the results the same day unless it's biopsies. Hope you get your news soon. Denis

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news, keep the faith

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So happy to hear :-)

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jim and i
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Congrats on the good news!! Praying you continue to recieve good news in the months to come.


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So glad to hear the good news. Getting the report showing no change or growth is a great feeling. Hopefully, the next one will show them vanished as mine showed last week. Then you'll be spinning hearing that it is totally disappeared. :-)

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Glad to hear the good news...

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So glad to hear the great news!

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Sounds fantastic too.

Great news,


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Wonderful report on the lungs !  Those doctors of yours have you where you need to be !  Will be keeping you in my thoughts for more good news to come !   Katie

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denis, that is totally AWESOME!!!!!!!  i'm very happy or you.  i hope u did a dance around the kitchen.

i'm still waiting on my results so my nerves r SHOT!!


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Good news D....


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Dennis, great news my friend!! Thought I would get on before going to bed and see you and Phrannie had great news. Keep on Keepin on!!



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Great news is always good to hear, and I am so very happy you got a good Ned report. Did you do a psa test on the prostate if not I suggest you get one and do them at least once a year.


Wishing you the best


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Hondo, yeah I get tested on the prostate every six months, I do have cancer cells in the prostate but it is very very early, docs have me on a watch and wait schedule, last psa had not changed from the one before. Doc said my numbers (gleason score) is the lowest that there is and ant treatment would be grossly overreacting.

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I am happy that you received such good news!!!  Time to celebrate!

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Glad to hear that piece of news!  Keep it up Dude!


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