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Hello Peeps:

Had a PT-Scan today, which to me is a big aggravation.

For a long time I have been doing well with my bloodtests.  Going along (singing a song??)  Saw the oncologist Wednesday, Aug. 21.  This time there was a small rise in white cells.   I have allergies, one being  ragweed, which the doctor thought might be causing the white cell increase.  I am more tired (perk up with coffee), arthritis is worse, etc.  Also, one scary sympton:  firmness in my diaphram, where a couple of organs should be under my ribs, and they are not.

I go back to the Oncologist next Wed., Aug. 28 to get the results of the PT-Scan.

And so it goes.  It ain't easy, as we wll know..........................






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Hi Nancy.  I'm sorry you are having a bit of a scare with all of this.  Please keep us updated and I wish you great results on Wednesday.  I'd say try not to worry but we all know how easy that is ;).  Try to keep yourself distracted and come here anytime to talk.  

Hugs - Jim

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Hi Jim:

Thanks for your note.  For the first time I am scared, but I will take your advice and try to keep distracted.  Guess I have been living in a state of denial.  Will report back re results.  It is good to be able to come here and speak to people who really understand.  I sent an email last night to relatives, who have not yet responded.    They are the kind of folks who seem to pride themselves on "hanging tough" and would do almost anything to avoid taking a pill. lol.  They do go to the best doctors, but regarding illness, it is kinda like "don't ask; don't tell."   Good people, but for me, difficult. 


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The mind plays tricks on us once we battle cancer.  I pray that your latest issues are really nothing at all.  One day at a time!


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Hello Karl:

Thanks for your note and advice.   You are right when you say that "the mind plays tricks on us."  I have thought of that a number of times in the past couple of days.  And also "one day at a time."


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Hi Nancy,

 I'll be keping good thoughts for you. I go in for a physical on the 29th..blood results, etc. No scans for me for another year. So sorry you have new things to worry about...keeping my fingers crossed all will be ok for you. Let us know what you find out. Much love....Sue


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Hi Sue:

Good to hear from you!  I hope that everything goes well when you have a physical on the 29th.   Great for you:  no more scans for another year.    I almost did not make it out of the PT-Scan Friday,  LOL.  They have the Scan, etc., temporarily set up in a van connected to the  hospital.   I was standing there, talking to the technician, when she pushed a button and the wall we were standing next to opened up.    I was standing about 2 or 3 ft. from the edge.  I looked down and there was an open elevator.   She said that I did not have to jump.   It moved up and I left in the elevator.   I don't know whether you can picture this.  In about 2 years, the PT-SCAN will be moved to the cancer center permanently.   Rather dangerous situation.  I arrived via stairs, and the technician thought the elevator would be safer.  Hmmmmm.

How are you feeling?  Get back to us re your appointment.


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