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My mom got very good news

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Hi everyone - just thought I would share my mom's recent good news with you. She went for her 4th chemo treatment on Wednesday and got her latest CA-125 results and it was 16! We know this is just a step forward in her battle but she was diagnosed in April and after her surgery the pathology results showed stage 4b grade 4 tumor with clear cell features. We could not imagine then that we would get to this point, especially not this quickly- her original prognosis was very bad and her doctor is now talking about her follow ups for years to come. She has two more treatments to go and we fully expect to get the "NED" news after her first post-treatment scan. We are very, very happy!

I attribute this wonderful news to many things - the chemo, her diet changes, the naturopath and supplements, her attitude, and her visualizations - or the combination of all of them. Here is to wishing that good news like this comes to all of you and yours too.

Sending you all healing energy and light.




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Kathy G.
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GREAT NEWS....<*** src="/sites/all/libraries/tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins/emotions/***/smiley-laughing****" alt="Laughing" title="Laughing" border="0" />



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So happy for you 

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I am glad your Mom is responding so well to the chemo.  I hope the next two chemos go well,too.  Continue to do the Happy Dance.

sounds like your Mom is doing many positive things to help her.  Continue to celebrate every day?  In peace and caring.

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Such wonderful news.  You must all be so happy to get such good results at this stage.  I hope that the first scan shows NED and that your Mum has a long dance with him.

Kindest wishes

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I love to show doctors what else is possible!!! 

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Great news!  I hope and pray it continues.  

God Bless,


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Sara Zipora
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Fantabulous. Best wishes of Great health for your Mom and you all!


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Sara Zipora
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Fantabulous. Best wishes of Great health for your Mom and you all!


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GREAT NEWS!   Hope it continues for years to come. 



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That is such great news.  Praying that it keeps getting better and better.  Praying for you and your mom. trish

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