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Trying to be normal/upbeat. but........

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I am so proud of myself, everyonr thinks I am doing so well, hey, almost forgotten about the st 4 dx.  I should win a bloody Oscar! Guess if I act positive I will BECOME positive!  Seems to be working... Yay.  Maybe the 'happy pills' are kicking in?  Maybe spending more time with the horses is therapeutic?  Maybe NOT having doctors appts every 3 days is doing the trick?  I dunno, but this is going great............INNIT?  tasha xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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It took a few weeks before everything ticked and then I was able to go on with life.  The treatments still sucked, but it did get easier, and the more I got out, the better I felt. 

Who cares why, just happy for you that you are having an easier time of it all.



New Flower
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i am glad to hear from you. all of the above helps whatever you have been doing works and it is great


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Keep those up-beat days being in the majority.  Sure, there will be some down moments, but don't let yourself dwell on those.  A positive outlook is good not just for the mind and emotions but also for the body. 

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Christmas Girl
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What matters is what you're thinking... and feeling, J. Whatever works for you is what's important.

Kind regards, Susan


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You keep on truckin --  at your own speed -.  Do what is necessary to keep yourself positive.

We are thinking, praying and sending out positive vibes ..   How are you doing, Tasha?


Please let us know when you can . . . .


Vicki Sam


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...when that fails, throwing ashtrays works GREAT!!!


BIG hugs sent your way, dearheart!


Hugs, Kathi

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LOL....  just had some potentially good news, Start rads thursday!  Fingers crossed    Wink.  Or i can throw ashtrays!!!!!!!!!


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You GO, girl!!!!  I hope you do get the green light on rads!!!!  YEA!!


Hugs, KathiWink

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LOL....  just had some potentially good news, Start rads thursday!  Fingers crossed    Wink.  Or i can throw ashtrays!!!!!!!!!


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Tasha you are a real trooper and you never cease to amaze me!  You keep hanging around with you beloved horses and you keep doing whatever it is that is getting you through this!  You are in my prayers always! 





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I heard that music helps keep a positive attitude. Gee, it took me all morning to write that. Maybe I'm playing the wrong music. 



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Regarding ashtrays, always remember crashy breaky is great therapy.  Buy some cheap old dishes or use your own and find an old metal garage can (not today's plastic ones) and throw those dishs into it while shouting the explecetives of your choice.  Sometimes just a teacup and a darn will do but there are other times that an 8 piece dining set and some salty sailor words are best.  Crashy, breaky is so comforting.  LOL  Oh, and also pillow punching. 

Seriously, I am glad that you will be starting rads.  Hope they do a great job. 

You are in my heart, dearest daft sod.  I love you are back but hate the reason.


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Double Whammy
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So happy to hear you're facing this with that attitude and it doesn't matter how you acquired it.  I imagine it will wax and wane, so be prepared to muddle through some emotional times with the knowledge that it will get better.  I agree with Marcia about music.  I remember clearly listening to some music and recognizing how much better it made me feel.  Music and writing.  Both low exertion, but pack a lot of punch. 

Good luck on starting rads.  Hope they do their job.


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