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Newly found lesions. Waiting is hard.

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In 2009, I had a partial pancreatectomy for a benign cyst. I have been having some left flank pain, and had a CT scan done yesterday. I found out that I have a small heterogenous lesion in both kidneys, which the Radiologist (board certified and experienced) says is suspicious for cancer. 

Due to my pancreas problem, I had a CT scan last year, and the lesions have grown when compared to this new CT scan. I realize they are small, but they have grown from 10 to 14 mm and 8 to 11 mm.

I have an MRI scheduled for tomorrow. Does anyone have any input? I have dull left flank pain, which at times is sharp and stabbing. It is tolerable, but uncomfortable. 


Thank you!


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!. At this time and size it is very possable that this is a benign cyst or lession and not Kidney Cancer. A few months ago several of the members of the club including myself prepared a newbie with a similar diagnosis for an inevitable diagnosis of Kidney Caner because the possability of the C word had been flouted in discussions between the doctor and the newbie. Boy were we wrong. Hopefully this is the case with you.


2. If it turns out to be Kidney Cancer at this small size the widest options are open such as freezing the tumor or RFA (zapping it) which is important becase the cyst or tumor is on both kidneys.  The cure rate even if it is Kidney Cancer is as close to 100% as it can be. 

By all means Kidney Cancer is not the end of the world. A full recovery for tumors 4 cm or less is to be expected.  Yours is omly 1/4 that size.



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Hi Kathy, 

Waiting is always the hard part, it gives us too much time for the imagination to take flight. Iceman is right, the growths are still small and the changes have been caught in good time. I hope all goes well tomorrow, come back and let us know how you got on.


Djinnie x

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Hi Kathy,

     I had right kidney removed in August of 2011 due to Kidney Cancer.  This year had pain coming from left kidney and was scard to death because of a leision they were keeping a close eye on.  When I had my scan in June the leison was gone (not on any meds) and I was told that I had a kidney infection.  I need to be careful with having only one kidney, but I was very relieved that they found no active cancer, and all my vital organs were running as they were supposed to.  Hoping yours will work out like mine did, try not to worry, we can't change what will be, but we sure as hell can fight if we have to!

                     Sending love, prayers, and good health!


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Hi Kathy. My cancer was discovered after a regualr checkup showed really really high BP. My regular MD asked me to monitor it. A week after that i had a stitch in my side, high left side, that persisted for about 6 hours. I was paranoid that it was my heart after the BP readings I had been having. I even had my 17 year old son googling heart attack symptoms while I liad on the couch. 2 days latere I realized I was having difficulty taking a deep breath....so lung clot became my fear. I guess I was a bit hyper-sensitive to my body, no? But I did go to the MD and ended up having a CT scan. They discovered a 9cm tumor and I had a radical open incision nephrectomy 2 weeks later. So, flank pain can indicate kidney problems for sure. I believe kidney stones have a sharper pain. Anyhow, more persistant pain or "dull flank pain" is not anything to ignore! I hope your MRI gave you some clarity.  Drink a lot of water and try to relax...wait for more information before mapping out your future!  All the best.  L~

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Thank you everyone. You guys are amazing! I did have my MRI today. I am going to start another thred about it. :)

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Are you the Djinnie of the Lamp?  I see that your flower has turned into a little doggie!

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Hi Texas, 

Hahaha! I know don't go telling me I look 'ruff', I had a bit too much of 'the hair of the dog'. A quick shave or a speed wax and I should be back to my old self.


Djinnie x

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