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PET scan and sinus

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Hi, i'm new to this site.  I am trying to wait til my onc appt to ask this question but I just can't do it!  Last year I had FNHL in the small bowel and had a resection with no other treatment other than CT's every 3-4 months to watch.  I just had my 1 year PET scan and it showed 2 spots, one in my sinus and one in the lower abdomen groin area.  Oncologist says don't worry about the sinus but you need a biopsy of the other.  Tuesday had a biopsy and it came back the same as last year, FNHL low grade.  I have been reading some post and my worry is the sinus.  I wasn't sick when I had the PET so I am so scared it's in my sinus too!  Any input would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you, Frankie

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The only way to know for certain about the sinus is to have a biopsy.  Ask your doc how he reached his conclusion regarding the sinus.  He may have solid grounds for thinking it is benign. Regardless, do not assume the worst at this point !


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Hi Max, thank you so much for replying to my post. I try to stay positive but sometimes my mind gets to going and then I spook myself!  I am going to ask my doctor and go from there.  I am thankful for the help!  Frankie

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I was hoping Max would answer.  He is like our go to medical dictionary.  He knows a very lot about lymphoma so you can trust him.  Try to relax until your appt.  That sinus thing could be a number of things, so try not to overthink.......deep breaths.  We are here to help and support in any way, Hang in there, Thinking of you, Becky

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Becky thank you for your calming words! I see I have found a wealth of information and caring people on this site! It's so great you all give your time and hearts to people in need of not only information but an ear to listen.  Since this is my second bout with this I am a little anxious wondering if he will do treatment, will it be watch and wait, do I have to do this every year,  etc.....But tomorrow will be here before I know it and I am going to keep myself busy today and stay positive!  God Bless, Frankie


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Last year I had pleursy and the onc thought it may be caused by the NHL coming back. The pet scan showed 2 hot spots in my chest that were biopsied and no cancer was detected. I googled pet scan results and there were some that stated infection or inflamation may show up as hot spots in the scans. Hope you're doing well.

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Hi Bob, thank you for posting!  First of all I am so happy for you that no cancer was detected, that gives me hope!!  I do need to learn more about the PET scans.  Some people talk about  SUV's and uptake and other numbers that I know nothing about so it probably wouldn't hurt for me to learn all about that for my own good.  Thanks again for your kind words, Frankie 

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