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Doe's anyone know anything about this taheebo tea and it's cancer fighting claims?

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There are other things that actually work. And a lot less expensive.....


Best of health,



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I read it in a magazine that this tea works specifically on colon cancer. I dont believe home remedies will heal you on their on. But I like teas and they will certainly not hurt me.


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there are many substances in may plants, including teas, which apprear to inhibit cancer cell prolifieration, at least in a lab setting, if not yet proven in the human body or animal model. In researching Yerba Mate tea last year I found that the leaf drying process, which can involve smoke, appears to increase the chances of several kinds of cancers...


 In general, teas are a healthy addition to your diet.  This is the only tea I found to be problematic because of the drying process involving smoke...



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as for Taheebo tea, here is a google scholar search:



same search with Green tea instead appears to show more evidence as an anti-cancer agent:


 then there are apples:


one could do the same to search for any food.   Don't use google though, use google scholar.. 


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I had realized the apples were that good for one.  Glad my grandson loves them so well!

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I use Lemmon Balm Tea.   It tastes great, High antioxidents, no caffeine, keeps me hydrated, and I can grow it in my yard!   When people are trying to sell you stuff for a great expense, maybe rethink their claim.


Best Always,  mike

PS I really do grow my own tea!

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I found air dryed (not smoked) version of this tea. 

Helps to fight cancer or not, it's a great tasting drink.


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