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Neurapothy control and shoes

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Does anyone have any suggestions on shoes or how to control neurapothy without medicine?

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I need a shoe easy to gt into easy so I have a pair of velcrose type sandle shoe. They are comfortable too. I also have a couple pairs of clog type house slippers.  One pair is for inside the house. The other pair is for the outside.  They are easy to get into and are verycomfortable. Jeff

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I always wore sandals, no socks, just plain cute women's sandals.  i no longer have it in my feet and I really think the sandals helped, in California I could wear them all year long.  When I shoes and socks it was most uncomfortable so I switched to sandals immediately and can safely say that I do not have problems with the feet and toes (I do have pain in my legs but I always had that long before cancer), but that tingling in toes has been long gone. But I've stuck with sandals ever since.

Winter Marie

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the supplement alpha lipoic acid can help with neuropathy.



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I saw a neurologist last month. I had none of the chemo drugs associated with neuropathy. My question to the neurologist was 'what caused my neuropathy and how do I control it?' I had nerve conductivity tests two weeks ago. The technician called the doctor in during the tests . The results showed that most of the peripheral nerves in my lower right leg and foot are dead and there was no response at all in my left foot and leg. His answer to my question was' I don't know what is causing the neuropathy and I can't help you . There is electrophysiological evidence or a moderate to severe sensori-motor peripheral neuropathy.' $600.00 for nothing. I found some socks called all day socks. They were put out by the diabetic foundation in Australia , they are really good and for shoes I wear the old style Dunlop oc volleys. They are flat and soft and allow me to stay as balanced as I can be. I have quite a few falls but so far it has only been bruises. I check my feet every day ,make sure I dry them properly and use clonea cream on the soles and between my toes. Best wishes Ron.

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Hey Ketz,

You might want to check out LLBean's "Wicked Good Slippers", Rick loved them since they helped to prevent those 'cold floor tingles'.  In fact, I'm wearing my pair right now even though it's 77 deg. in my room!  I have fibromyalgia, so I can attest that they certainly make my feet feel better as soon as I put them on.  :)  (And no, I don't work for LLBean.)  ;D

All my best,


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I have neuropathy in hands and feet.  My last chemo was Aug 24, 2012.

I found that Clarks shoes and sandals are GREAT!.

They are not cheap and some are a little plain, but their styles have vastly improved and I can even wear to work.

They are on QVC, at clarks.com, in major dept stores and they have some outlets.

They are the only shoes and sandals I can wear now.  They prevent me from "tipping over" from the neuropathy.

I donated all my other shoes.

Best of luck.

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