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Treecy1106 Love your new haircut

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Posts: 420
Joined: May 2013

OK.  I know it's off topic, but I had to tell you how wonderful you look.  This road we travel is rough at best.  But you've come out looking like a star.

God bless you.


Ritzy's picture
Posts: 4384
Joined: Aug 2009

Your new do in your pic is beautiful!


Sue :)

Kylez's picture
Posts: 3765
Joined: May 2009

I agree!  You look so pretty!

Posts: 259
Joined: Apr 2013

You do look like a star, a movie star!  Love the short hairdo!

Treecy1106's picture
Posts: 159
Joined: Apr 2011

Thanks so much guys!!!!! This picture is from February......I am still having a hard time getting used to the short hair but I am now in the process of letting it grow again.

I am telling you...this virgin hair is so nice. I would have never shaved my head but in a way my hair is so much healthier now and I love it.

Crazy....so here is one of the positives from chemo...new hair :)

You guys are the best!!!!



Cheryl 1
Posts: 42
Joined: Jun 2013

Love your hair too!  Beautiful!

Treecy1106's picture
Posts: 159
Joined: Apr 2011

How are you girlfriend????
Thanks but I look like an old fart don't I???


I'm going to a wedding on the 16th I will post a recent picture....




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Joined: Apr 2009

Everyone is right Patrice,  you look beautiful!  Enjoy the wedding the 16th!

Posts: 100
Joined: Jul 2013

Love your short hair Patrice! 

Alexis F's picture
Alexis F
Posts: 3604
Joined: May 2009

Patrice, some women can't pull off the short hair look, but, you certainly can! 

Hugs, Lex

Treecy1106's picture
Posts: 159
Joined: Apr 2011

I want to thank all of you for the wonderful compliments!!!

I might  be taken off this site because of my other post I choose to be positive.

3 women had a problem with it and the manager took it off.

SO if she removes me from this site I wish all of you the best and know I will be praying for all of you!!!




Cheryl S
Posts: 82
Joined: Jun 2013

You best not be removed Patrice!  It's a shame that 3 rotten apples have to ruin a really good post that helped a lot of us.  If anyone should leave, maybe they should.  It was shocking to see their rude comments.

You stay here!

Hugs, Cheryl

Treecy1106's picture
Posts: 159
Joined: Apr 2011

Love you girlfriend <3!!!



Treecy1106's picture
Posts: 159
Joined: Apr 2011

Thank you soooo much <3


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Pixie Dust
Posts: 385
Joined: Jan 2014

Hey Sweetheart, I think you look like a beautiful sweet 16 young lady who is enjoying life after surviving breast cancer. Go Girl !!!!!!      LOVE AND HUGS,   Pixie Dust     Smile

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