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Thank you !

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I wanted to update my previous post.  First of all.....the abinormal....pstd, or whatever we each call it sometimes rears it's ugly head where we need to step back and re-evaluate where we are at in life.  I recently reached out for some extra help through my county....not hospice....but kind of a transitioning between.  Here it's called the CADI waiver.  They will help me over some of the bumps, and bruises of my condition.  I was accepted  on the program just recently.  Being a caregiver all of my adult life......this one is very hard to accept.  But saying this and walking my parents through it a few yrs. back....I know it's for the best.  I want my family just to be my family. 

I need some bars and a chair in the bathroom.  I need some extra help with cleaning and cooking.  There will be a person helping me navigate all the legal paper work...alieviating some un-needed stress in my life.  I need a wheelchair for outtings now.  But when I can I still walk....just a bit of a struggle.  I am by NO means giving up.  Just accepting some of my limitations as they are.  And my dear friends I am going ahead with an appointment with that darn ENT.....if only to know what my body is or isn't doing. 

You all have been a lifeline for so many.  And a very positive influence to me.  As I continue my journey....I know I never ever walk alone.  Hugs sent !   Katie

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Feel free to bounce ideas off of me anytime.  I have felt your positive energy since I started (participating) here.

You are making some life changing decisions, many of which are usually fought tooth and nail.  I always hope that I make the transition to needing or asking for help on my own.

I like to see your renewed vigor to confront your health issues, I think it will pay off and you will have many beautiful years ahead.


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katie, glad 2 c u r taking such a proactive movement.  it only means u r doing what is best 4 u at this time.  in NO WAY does it indicate u r giving up!  i'm very glad u r go'n 2 the ent.  i think it will also make u feel better.  u r a very strong and considerate person and i admire u.  we will b here 4 u anytime u need us. u r always n our thots and prayers!


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need to do what you gotta do!  You are such a fighter and an inspiration to all of us.  Don't think that you're giving up in any way, you're taking care of yourself.  We are all here for you always!  ((HUGS))

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all the resources available to you, you have worked your whole life and now it's time to let others take some of the load off you.

I'm quite happy to hear you're going to see your darn ENT, who knows, the news may be encouraging, keep the faith Katie, we all adore you

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You continue to inspire me to this day. You will persevere.

Prayers and positive thoughts on the way!!



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I sure wish you lived closer to Louisiana I would love to help put the things you need in your home. I am a jack of all triads and master of none but its gets me by in life, these days a little slower but still there. I am so happy to see the positive you coming out and the fight of a winner no matter the outcome. You are so right we never walk alone the hope and prayers of all our friends and love ones are right there with us as we walk with Jesus side by side.


God Bless


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jim and i
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You have been a great help to me as I continue to care for Jim during this continuing battle of the beast. I wish men were as willing to let others help as you women seem to be. My sister who lost her husband to the beast and friends who lost their husbands to it as well all have the same story, "He would not let anyone do anything for him except me."  How considerate you are to think of your family and to allow them to spend time just being family. I do not know of any service like you have in Florida. You are blessed to live where they offer such a great service. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.


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Life's paths have potholes and we all hit one now and then. Glad to hear you are cruising again and going to the ENT appt. Most folks rather know where the next potholes are and can navigate around them better. Very glad to hear you are hooked into the local resources. It is surprising to know what is available when you start shaking the bushes. Best to you, don

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Your positive attitude has been uplifting to me at this time. I think I let myself slip into a deep depression after receiving my poor prognosis. I am just coming a little out of it. Your attitude really helps. I'll post an update in its own thread. Rick.

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Rick, so good to see a post from you. I think about you every day. I look forward to seeing your next thread. I'm sure this made Katie's day.



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Hey Katie, thank you for the update.  We are here for you, keep us posted.  Hugs to you.


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