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Hi buddies!!!

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Hi to all my buddies,

Just wanted to let you all know that yesterday I finished with my last Rituxan infussion YAY for me!!! I'm really happy that I'm done with them, now I just wait for my next CT scan in three months and that's it, no more treatments!!! I was a litlle worried and I do have a question for all those on Rituxan , I had Rit for 2yrs every six mo. I usually gained weight with my treatments but this time around I lost almost ten pounds, wasn't sure if its something to be worried about since this has never happened before. Have any of you had this type of experience with Rituxan??? My dr is the type that tries not to worry me and he did some test for bacteria and stuff like that but came back negative. I guess I'll just have to wait and see, oh and one more thing, I live in TX and it has been hot here and I have been sweating like a PIG lol!!! More than usual so I'm a little concerned but not trying to over think it! Hope everybody is doing well...HUGE HUGS to all!! 



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  That is great news to hear you are finally done with the R. Sometimes it makes you feel like you are missing something after you are done. Sort of like a barrier between you and the lymphoma. As far as the weight loss I did not lose any weight that I remember. I am sure it is nothing to worry about with all that heat in texas. John

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Congratulations, now, on with life, a blessing to be able to say.  I agree with John, sounds like the heat may be the culprit.  Have a great last half of summer, and stay out of the heat.  We have it too in No CA. Cool Becky

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Hi Liz

So happy for you. No more treatments. Yea!

Try and stay in the a/c and if you continue to lose a lot of weight, be sure to let your doc know again.

Enjoy your summer and your family.

Huge hugs


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Hi liz,

 So glad you are all done with the R..."yeah"!!!!  I've lost about 12 pounds in the last 3 months, but don't know if it's because we were so busy with packing and more active than usual...plus the heat here was terrible the first weeks of July and still holding on. I'm just not hungry when it's hot. I have an appointment with my Onc and PCP in August, so I'll run everything by them and see what they think. Will be having a full physical and extensive blood tests, so hopefully if anything new is going on they will find it. My hands have developed severe arthritis type pain, but don't know why it came on only after finishing the R?...Weird!  I still have my port, so the only thing I have to do is get it flushed each month. If you continue to lose weight and your not dieting or trying...then it might be wise to inform your doctor. Hope all comes out clean and good on your 3 month check up with scan. Take care my friend and try to stay cool from that crazy Texas heat!  We went to Texas in July a few years back and swore we will NEVER do that again! Too darn hot! Tongue Out Much love...Sue

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Excellent news!  Congratulations on finishing your last R treatment!


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Thank you; John, Lisha, Becky, Sue, Karl 

You guys are the best...it's really nice to hear from all of you, hope all of you are doing good and you're out there enjoying life as well :D (((HUGE HUGS))) to all of you!!! I keep you guys in my heart and prayers!



Mary N.
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I've been on R every month for the last 3 years.  I really haven't lost weight.  This month I gained but I must admit I didn't exercise cause it was so hard I avoided going outside.  I must congratulate  you for your wonderful progress.  It must seem wonderful to feel that part of this stuff has come to an end.  If you continue loosing weight without trying I would get back to your doc. but don't stress too much as that can make you loose weight.


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Congratulations and happy dance!  Gosh, it only seems like yesterday that you joined the site - getting old I guess and I ain't gonna complain ;). 

It's probably the heat - I think I told you I lived in Houston for nearly 20 years in the past and I know how hot it can get there not to mention the humdity!

I'm so proud of you chicita!  Hugs to you and your family!


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Liz, I am happy that you are finished with your Rituxan. I am just getting started on my 2 years--only two infusions so far. Of course, I also had it all along with my R-CHOP, so I've really had it 10 times. When I first got sick, I lost quite a bit of weight but I have stayed within 3 pounds since then. I really don't think it is that unusual for body weight to vary a good bit from day to day, depending on time of day and other factors. I weigh first thing each morning and stay about the same. My husband weighs randomly, at different times of day, when he thinks of it. Maybe dressed, maybe not, maybe before or after eating. Needless to say, his weight is all over the place. 

You are smart to keep tabs on your weight, however. We do know it can be a lymphoma red flag. As far as sweating in Houston, Texas in late July, I don't think I'd worry about that too much. Just try to stay as cool as possible. . .swimming? movie? trip to the library? ice cold drinks? ice cream?

(((Sticky hugs))) Smile



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Thank you; Mary, Jim, Rocquie...for your kind and good thougths! Yes, I'll stay on top of the weight issue :) although it does feel nice to actually lose some of the weight that I gained with this Cancer ordeal! I live in El Paso so the heat here is mostly dry except for the last couple of days that we've had thunderstorms roll by.

I feel great like I got another new lease on life :D

Hope All of you are doing good, take care y'all ((((HUGE HUGS)))) ^_^




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Congratulations....I am so happy for you...Don't worry about the sweating, I noticed that I now sweat like a pig and can't stand the heat anymore and I used to Love the heat...It's all the chemicals and stuff throwing your body out of whack. I am sure things will taper off for you soon, it takes awhile to get that junk out of your system.

Congrats again


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Hi Carie,

Yes...you're so right about all that junk making our bodies go out of whack! I'm trying to drink a lot of water, trying to get my body cleansed from all that junk! Hopefully it will get better once fall gets here...that's my favorite time of the year :D 

Hope you're feeling better also after all that chemo :/ Take care ((((Hugs))))



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