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Follow up with surgeon this morning

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Woohoo!! Got my final path report...NEGATIVE for residual cancer cells! Check ups every 3 months done by EENT and dentist. No scans needed unless something during the physical exam concerns them. Everything is healing very nicely. I still have PEGgy as the surgeon didn't order it, he couldn't remove it. He did say to go to my weight check next week and basically tell them I'm ready to get it removed. I can deal with Peggy as long as they want me to for news this great!! I hope you all have a happy, healthy day! Your all in my prayers daily. Praising God for my healing!! 

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Tracy! Great news! SOOOO relieved and glad to hear this!! Continuing to pray for you.  Dad is having problem swallowing even water.... did you get to that point? If so when were you able to start drinking by mouth more? Dad has his PEG, but minimal swallowing anything by mouth.

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Posts: 817
Joined: May 2013

even swallow water when I got my PEG.  I would immediately throw it back up.  I had my PEG almost 3 weeks before I could drink water again.  I just made sure to do a LOT of water through the tube during the day to stay hydrated.  I had too much mucus and saliva to even drink water.  

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Great news and great attutude!!  You're doing great!


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So happy to hear your great news and so happy for you !!! You've come a long way from your first post on here !

The real Peggy  Lol

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Time for some fishing now....



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Great results! My ONC wanted to keep my feeding tube in for 12 weeks post tx, "just in case". I knew when I was done with it and had it removed. Sometimes you've just got to listen to your own body to know what's best for you.

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given me any time frame.  He doesn't think anyone needs a PEG and is acting upset that I even have one.  He and I haven't seen eye to eye on a lot of things.  Brilliant man, poor bedside manner.  I've heard 8 weeks is a general timeframe and I've had Peggy for 6.  I'll ask next Friday at my scheduled weight check.  I've maintained my weight for a whole month now :)

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Ah Tracy, that is great, great news.  It's been a good posting day so far today!  I hope the good news continues. Hopefully we will be celebrating the unplugging of Peggy soon.  Have a great weekend!


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jim and i
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I pray you can continue to recieve good news.


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Good news for you and for PEGgy (her days are numbered).  Remember to say “I am here to pop my PEG” and whip it out.  Well, something like that.


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Great news!!! I just came to this board this morning (it's 10 am here in Slovenia right now) and saw so many great reports. Congrats!!!! I pray that it stays good and "cancerless" forever.

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Glad for you on the clean report!

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Great news! What a difference a couple of months makes! 


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Joined: May 2013

Absolutely!!!  Through this whole thing,  my hubby has said "The difference even one day can make is amazing!"  It's so true! 

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what a great report!  i'm dancing a jig 4 u.  have a wonderful day.


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All Right Tracy, Way to go, good job. If we were at the bar I would get the next round. Hell, I'd even buy Peggy one.


Heal on


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Way to go!!!!!



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NED...lovely three letters for you to receive !  I'm keeping you in my  thoughts....but wonderful news !  Hugs sent !  Katie

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