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Good news!!!!

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OK, I had my PET scan today and peeked at my results this pm.  I have not talked to my oncologist and the report is very long, but, from what I can tell, here is the gist:

1) Resolution of liver cancer (remember last report had 231 cancerous liver lesions).  Liver shows no increased glucose activity usually seen with cancer.  Incredible!!!! :-)

2) Bones all have increased glucose uptake which radiologist believes is caused from neulasta-he sees no new mets there.

3) Lungs looks a little crappy.  My right lung is unchanged (the one that had mets).  Both have small pleural effusions and some possible collapsed lung cells (atelectasis).  I believe (optimistically) that this may be a result of prior heart attack and effect chemo has had on my heart.  Last week, I had significant edema (retained fluid) and shortness of breath.  I called my cardiologist and he put me back on my ace inhibitor (heart drug) and edema is gone and shortness of breath is improving.

I am amazed, blown away by my liver results and, being a little Pollyana-ish, I will focus on those.  My onc visit isn't until July 30th, but I will let you know if I hear any differently.  :-)

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Cynthia -- I love it!!! I am happy to read this news. So happy. I will pray for you so this continues. AMEN!

I hope you celebrate. Please?


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happy Dance Happy Dance so happy!!! Congrats!


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That is what we like to see!  I would be a little Pollyanna also. 



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I'nth happy to see good results on your liver.  I will keep good thoughts and prayers for the Joy's continued good reports. Much love to ya! - Constance

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I'm so happy for you CypressCynthia,I worry when i hear bad news really i love all these ladies on hear , I know prayer changes things and i will continue to pray for you and everyone else.~~MollyZ~~

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I am so very pleased with the liver results, the bone and hoping the other issues will be resolved soon.




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Awesome news about the liver mets!  I'm doing the happy dance for you.  Praying that you will continue to improve.

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CC, so happy to hear the good news about your liver and bones.  I will just pray harder for your lungs.  Glad the meds are helping you.

God bless,


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Great news CC!   I am so happy for you.


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Hope you are out celebrating the good news...

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Great news - Love it ..  Congratulations on a job well done...  Continued prayers, hope and strength


Vicki Sam

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So happy to read your post!  Hugs, Linda

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