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What i need to do in Breast Cancer

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Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, and occurs in rare cases in men. Last month i got this major illness in my body really i am so disappointed. I am looking and doing more ssearch about this critical illness. I found one book A Cancer Survivor by Julia Fortune if you have any reference books or any solution please share with me

I am worry about this .................



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I was diagnosed in late March of this year.  One book that helped me was Susan Love's Breast Book.  It answered a lot of my questions and some questions I didn't know to ask.

Since everyone is different and reacts differently to treatments, emotional issues, etc., the members here can be very helpful and supportive.  We are either going through or have gone through treatments and the emotional ups and downs of this disease.

You are not alone.  We are here to help you through this, and we are only a forum thread away.  We are used to fears, worries, concerns, and event venting of fears, frustrations and worries.

Sorry you need to join this club that no one wants to join.  But wecome.

God be with you


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NOT a book to read but a friend and cancer center gave me diaries-At the time I thought silly or nonsesne-but now in hind sight I now see how helpful it was jotting thoughts down.

 I am at 5 yr mark now-on occassion I get them out and read it over. SOME THINGS I totally forgot and other very vivid.

Just a suggestion!


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Dear Amber,

I am sorry that you have been diagnose with breast cancer.  What kinds of bc do you have and what are your treatments.

In August I will be starting my 20th years since diagnose.  I had both lobular and ductal carcinoma and mine was highly ER positive.

I also highly recommend Dr. Susan Love Breast Book as a basic to understand breast cancer.  It is dated of course but the basic information hasn't change.  There is also James Olson,  Bathsheba's breast: Women, cancer history (c2002) though dated it does give a great history of breast cancer.  Siddhartha Mukherjee, The Emperor of all maladies: a biography of cancer is a good read.  There are a lot of books on BC I read over the years but don't own.  

70% of women after treatment will go on and never have a recurrence is what one should keep in mind as they do their treatment.  I highly recommend to do all that your oncologist recommends.  There are no guarantees with this awful disease.

I do wish you the best as you go through this journey. 


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There are many websites that have information about breast cancer that doesn't cost money:








Your clinic, surgeon, or oncologist should be able to provide you with lots of handouts as well.

I do wonder if you are just here spamming for that particular book. My apologies if I am wrong.

Hope this helps.

What kind of cancer do you have and what exactly are you looking for help with? Most people describe their cancer here, treatments, etc. You don't mention what type of cancer you have, treatments, etc.

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