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First Anniversary

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It is hard to think that it has been one full year since I rang the bell at the end of rads!

I recall how bad I felt, how much pain, the nasty skin burns, the loss of saliva, no sense of taste, fatigue and the overall crappy feeling and now it is amazing to see how good I feel!

I am back to work full time, saliva is about 50%, taste is almost 100% (sour is somewhat unpleasant) I can eat just about anything, there are even some things (fresh produce) that I can eat without my glass of water!  My old energy is back, I'm able to play 18 holes, walk all 18, and my scores are improving - not that they were anything to write home about before C.  It won't be long before I will be able to lose the baby-buggy golf cart and start carrying the clubs again.

At a recent RO appointment, he was incredulous when I told him that I wasn't taking any medications of any kind.  My ENT said "you don't look like a cancer patient".  I feel good!

I read the posts of the new and current patients here and I feel a little guilty that I feel so good.  I hope all of you know that this is beatable despite the dire predictions - I was stage IVa, and the first medical oncologist said that I had a 30% 5 year survival chance.  The RO and ENT disagreed, they're saying 90%. 

I hope all of you will feel as good as I do at your 1 year anniversaries.

now just 4 more to go!!!



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Congrats on the one year. I can truly say it even gets better after one year. Something tells me you will be celebrating long after five years. We always love the good news from the Docs, the bad news we're out to prove them wrong. Let's not forget they are practicing medicine and your first MO needs alot more practice.

Enjoy the day


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peter, it is wonderful to hear how great u r doing.  it is definitely encouraging for the newbies.  thank you for posting.   heres 2 many more years of u feeling great.


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Congrats!  That's great news!  I can't wait til dad finishes his treatments and we can celebrate as you are!  Glad to hear you are doing well and eating most things again. 

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Congrats to you, Peter!!  The first anniversary to the end of treatment is a big deal....your reflections on what it was like a year ago, and what it's like now DO give hope and comfort to those who are in the middle of treatment or have just finished.  It does get better and better...month by month....


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I feel better just reading about your progress.

Keep it up.


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What a wonderful post.



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I'm going into my 5th year post Tx..., also no meds..., life is good.



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Congrats! No meds here as the result of my tx and ample energy...14 months post

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Posts like yours are so wonderful to read!  I am very happy for you and wish you all the best!!  

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Any doctor who said you had 30% chance with neck cancer unless there was something very unsual about your case is well I won't say the word I am thinking.  Its so great to hear your news.  Keep those NED's coming.

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