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Hello My Friends,

I am still lurking in the shadows, silently cheering each of you forward. The days are long and the nights are longer, but I am still putting one foot in front of the other.

My son has decided to sell his place and he & my grandson will be moving in with me later this year. I know he's putting his life "on hold" to save me, but it's what he wants to do right now. And in a way, we'll be saving each other.

Boy, is it HOT here. 119 yesterday and possibly 120 today. I told Phrannie that only lizards are dumb enough to live here.  LOL

Anyway, the point of my post is to check on Vivian. I have not seen her here in a while and I don't do facebook, so if anybody knows how she's doing, let me know.



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wolfen, i missed this post, so sorry.  i'm sorry ur days and nights r so long.  it will definitely take time to get better. 

i'm very glad ur son is moving in w/u.  that sounds like it will b good 4 all of u.  u can help keep each other busy which will help time go by a little faster.  i hope u r all recovering from losing ur dog.  that is so painful.  it is good 2 c a post from u.  continue 2 let us know how u and the family r do'n.

as far as i know, nobody has heard from vivian since early may.  i hope its travel thats keeping her away.


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That sounds like a good idea to have your Son move in with you. We all need someone to be a caretaker when we are down and hurting; it is all part of life. Today was a really bad day for me for some reason I felt sick and down in the dirt all day. I ending up having to take some pain pills to make me feel better, I did not want to take them, but it is part of life now. Sorry about the heat up there, when I talk to the Man upstairs I will ask Him to turn down the thermostat some. lol


  Wishing you all the best

Tim Hondo

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I also hope that Vivian is traveling and getting a little enjoyment out of life as she searches for her "new" normal.

We found a 5 month old puppy at a rescue event a couple of weeks ago. My poor cat has a hissing fit every time she is nearby, but the puppy only wants a playmate. Hoping time will solve that one.

Tim, I read a bit on your profile & you have been through so much. Just think of the pain pills as another weapon in your arsenal. My daughter has had to use this weapon for a long time. I don't know if you would consider it a "weapon", but she also has "God" on her side as you do. I envy both of you for that.

I should be used to the heat by now. I've lived in it for almost sixty years. You just learn to really limit outdoor activites this time of year.

Hope you are feeling better.



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