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Any other "triple negative" diagnoses out there?

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Joined: May 2013

Hello! I was diagnosed in Jan. 2013 with triple negative, stage 2 b/c. Tumor removed in two surgeries. Had not gone into any lymph nodes. I've had 7 of 8 chemo treatments (last one's due this Thursday) and radiation starts in about a month for 6-7 weeks. I'm specifically looking for others who have been diagnosed triple negative and am wondering if anyone's out there who has this diagnosis and it's not recurred.

Would love to talk with you!


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I was diagnosed with TNBC Stage IIa in December 2009. It was found only in the lymph nodes in my right underarm. It took a Tissue of Origin test to determine that the enlarged lymph nodes were indeed breast cancer as opposed to lymphoma or some other type of cancer that had spread to the lymph nodes. No lumps/masses/tumors were ever found in my breast tissue. I had a right mastectomy in Feb. 2010 followed by 4 rounds of A/C and 12 rounds of Taxotere - no radiation. My last chemo infusion was in August 2010. As you can see, I am coming up on 3 years and have had no recurrence. Good luck to you.


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Thanks so much, Irene, for chiming in here. A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you for making it almost 3 years! You're a champion! And it is so encouraging to me. I needed to hear that someone out there is doing well after this type of diagnosis. Blessings on you!


Candi Cane
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Linda, I am not triple negative.  Just wanting to say an early congrats on finishing chemo Thursday and I am in radiation treatments now, so, if I can help you in anyway, just let me know.

Good luck!

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Candi -- How is radiation going? My biggest fear, and I know this is silly, is having to be naked in front of male techs. Twice male doctors I've seen (years ago) have crossed boundaries with me and I lost trust in them. Now I'm fearful that the techs are not going to be respectful. On top of that I'm very modest and am dreading having to be naked every day in front of the techs. What's been your experience in radiation?

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I am also doing my Rads (6 more sessions left out of 30). I too, am very modest and didn't like the idea of male techs, but here are a few things that can put you at ease. First of all, the techs (at least all of those that I have seen) were very professional. You only take off your upper body clothes (wearing a dress is not a good idea). A female nurse was always there with the tech, if the nurse was unavailable my husband was allowed to go in with the tech during preperation.

Good luck with your last chemo session.


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Linda -- I am not tripple neg. but I want to wish you good luck with what's left of your treatment. I pray that this is the last time you need to deal with this.
We're here for you.

XOXO Stay well!

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Thank you both for your encouragement. I still am in awe by the generous spirit of those on this journey (as well as my friends and family and co-workers)! I am blessed to be on this journey with so many wonderful people. I am learning so much and am sure there is more ahead. Again, thank you for your replies.



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I was diagnosed 11/02/09 stage 2 with one lymph node involved.  Had 21 rounds of chemo and a double mastectomy. Took two years to reover from the chemo because they threw everything at me.  Took i think 8 different drugs. 

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Hi Linda!  Sorry about your need to be here.  I was diagnosed with TNBC in June 2011.  I had the 2 surgeries to get clear margins, 16 sessions of chemo and radiation.  I just had my 2nd clear mammo this month.  Though I've had a couple of scares since treatment, everything has been clear.  I think the fear of recurrence has stayed with me but it has lessened a little with time.  All the radiation techs and the radiation Oncol. I have dealt with have been women and I've really appreciated.  The dept. was under construction though and there were hardhatted construction workers around and that I didn't appreciate.  Oh well!

I wish you well during the rest of your treatment!  It's not fun but certainly, survivorable.

Best to you!


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Thank you for your reply. How often do you have mammos now? I appreciate your honesty about recurrence. It's another thing I'll have to learn to handle, that's for sure. I read your profile and I'm wondering what are some of the things you are doing to prevent cancer from recurring besides eating right and exercise?

Thank you and best to you, too!


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Congrats Karen on your mammo!

Hugs, Jan

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Hi LInda,

Yes you have found another one of us! I'm here for you!!! I was diagnosed the end of March 2011 with no recurrence thus far. 

Nor do I think I will have one. I became a health counselor during treatment and changed everything I eat. Since I have researched everything from food to vitamins and minerals that when I go for my 3 month checkups I look forward to reading my bloodwork reports.

They just confirm that everything I am doing seems to be working.

My BC has been a Blessing in many ways. My life has been enriched in ways that I cannot explain and this was only possible by my faith in God which gave me what I needed to get through it all.

I wish you many Blessings and strength for a speedy recovery!

PLease ask if you have any questions at all!!!




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When I got diagnosed earlier this year, my life with God was lukewarm. This threw me back into His arms in a way I've never experienced  and I would't trade the lessons learned due to b/c for anything. God is amazing! I love waking up every day and greeting Him and watching Him work in and through me.

Do you have any materials on food/vitamins/minerals that you could share? A webiste maybe? I need to change my eating and exerices habits but I'm not a very disciplined person. Any advice for someone like me? I do like to golf and kayak and walk!

Thank you for your response.


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I was diagnosed on Feb 22 2012 with triple negative, stage 3 and it was in my lymph nodes.  I had 6 rounds of Chemo treatments.  On 8-29-2012, I had a right side masectomy with some lymph nodes removed.  I also have gone thru breast reconstruction.  I did not have to have radiation.   In Feb 2013, I had a CLEAR mammogram and I am looking forward to many more.



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