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Creatinine Level

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My blood came back last week with high Creatinine levels while on Sutent 50 mg and Nivolumab.

is 1.6 really high? They gave me 2 liters of fluid by IV and wanted to make sure I drink at least 2.5 liters of water every day.

anyone have high levels and have them come back down?

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Your Creatine levels are high as are those of most of the members of the club by reason of the fact that we do not have 2 functioning kidneys. I do not think it has anything to do with Sutent,Have your doctor interpret your blood levels for your particular case.




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My levels had been stable up until a couple weeks ago. Given the size of my tumor prior to it's removal, I was old I was working on one for a while anyway.

still drinking my water.


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Gordon Charles
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Just as a reference, right kidney gone....my normal creatinine now is around 1.5.

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is consistantly at 1.0

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Hopefully we will get Chucks there at some point..but are pretty happy where we are right now..and Fox we all know you are not the norm..but we hppe someday cases like yours won't be so rare :D 

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I have around 90% of one kidney left and my Creatinine runs around 1.5 over time maybe up to 2 years your remaining kidney function may improve thus lowering your creatinine levels

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The heat we have been experiencing is hard on someone with one Kidney..around my house they call me the water nazi...our girls all experianced this part of my nature while playing summer sports and running..Chuck gets a triple does now...his creatinine level was about 1.25 after his Kidney was removed...it went up as high as 1.7 during HD IL2 and hovered between 1.3 and 1.5 for months after with one  being 1.55..he has been back down around 1.24 for his last few tests...we attribute this to water water water and a few glasses of lemonade a week we don't why but when he started drinking lemonaid is when he got into the 1.24 1.25 range again could be coincidence but we are going with it lol

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Mom who is 80 has a 2.2 level. Igood after after surgery but now it stays high.  They tell her to drink alot of water but she says she can only drink so much.  she struggles with constant uti infections.  they leave for a short time then come back.  The doctor days it is ok since she has only one kidney.  But who knows.  Drink plenty of water. I am going to recruit Apryl to chase down my mom.  ;)

xxoo love to all and keep fighting the good fight!

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Angec it's hard with someone that age..because they have been doing things their way for generations..the loss of independence because of age and illness must be a very scarey thing..my oldestdaughter went into emergency nursing after the loss of her sister our middle dauhter and our families heart..but her first love is geriatrics..she thinks people like your mom are amazing!.. I will ask her for some tips on trying to get more water in her diet sneakily :D Chuck is 49 and he still bucks doing things that are good for him...water is one of his concessions to me that and giving up crazy amounts of coffee he drinks 2 cups a day now..granted they are always the biggest cups he can find..which just leads me to push more water lol..have you tried flavorful low sodium soups that are high in water content...and does she drink cranberry juice which may help with UTIs.. and I have to ask her but I remember my daughter saying UTIs get more common as women age..even without that added health problems.. I sinerely hope I get to keep my mom as long as you have..she must be pretty amazing! Huggs and a million well wishes!

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"Well" wishes from the "Water Nazi"...lolWink

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Creatinine level was is back down to 1.38.

Thanks to all for the support and sharing. My new hurdle is apparently my blood pressure. It was consistently 150/110 today. Ill be watching it closely this week to see if it comes down a bit. If not,  I'm sure ill be on medication for it next week.

I've been instructed to take 3 days off the sutent and drop reform 50 to 37.5 mg.

i need a good funny bonz post.....

Good Night to all.

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Before I read your post I didn't even know what creatinine was. Had an appointment with my urologist yesterday to go over future care and was sent to the lab for blood work. One of the two items checked was creatinine. Doc did tell me before hand that the test was to check kidney function. Got a call this morning everything was good. Kind of nice to get a good news call from a doctor for a change.


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I know the feeling! Automatic Panic

i cringe when I get the reminders for my appointments.

i always thought I drank plenty if water. They told me at least 2 1/2 liters. Seems like a good idea to keep up with it. I have a big cup at work and now know I need to drink 6 a day....at least I see the receptionist a lot passing her on the way to the bathroom.

sounds like you are doing well, Dan. Keep it up!


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Darn if your Doc thinks 1.6 is high.. heck mine went up to 7.6 a few days after my surgery..!  It was 1.7 before surgery.. and now is about a constand 1.6 (ish).   Sounds somewhat normal fror an RCC patient to me...

Be Well.!


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I am on a  Nivolumab-Sutent trial. Since I started, my levels creeped from around 1.1 up to 1.6

With the trial, they are carefully watching any trends and that was one of them.

My BP gradually got back to 120/80 or so after being off Sutent for 3 days ( and having a in ce weekend, I imagine)

I hit the end of the 4 week sutent on Wenesday and get a two week break!

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