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Just a quick update: I had a nasopharyngoscopy performed today by the ENT surgeon and I am happy to report a NED! He said that the nasopharynx (which looks "pristine") and also the oral cavity mucosa, healed very well (and looks well hydrated - here I beg to differ, LOL). In his own words, out of the hundreds of patients he sees with this condition, I look exceptionally well.

I am 9.5 months post radiation and 6.5 months post last chemo. For the treatments I had for the nasopharyngeal carcinoma, please check my bio.

I was really anxious before the follow-up appointment, but who wouldn’t have been?! Otherwise I am doing great, with the usual side effects, really manageable. Dry mouth still there (saliva ~30-40% - my own estimation, but that’s highly subjective), taste a bit off but not by much, I can eat anything I want (with my best friend – bottle of water – around); level of energy very good (except sometimes in the afternoon when I feel like I need to take a nap – and I do, when I work from home, for about 20-30 minutes, and in the evenings); hearing loss (that’s permanent, but I am wearing hearing aids, helping me a little). Work is OK, I started 3 months ago (tough the first couple of weeks, until I got into the usual rhythm).

That’s about it; I wanted to share that with you.

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Congratulatons on you NED results.  I am so looking forward to hearing my brother report the same.  He's not quite half way through treatments, so there's a long way to go.  May God bless you with continued healing.



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Wonderful news

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Wonderful news!! I am hoping for the same thing on Tuesday! Glad things are going well for you!


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Congrats!!  Another NED - gotta love it!



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NO EVIDENCE OF DISEASE!!  Nothing better than that.  Congrats on your latest meet up with Mr. Ned.


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I nod to your NED!

Dry mouth and taste improving, eat anything, back to work and naps in the afternoon, you had one good bus driver, way to go.

Best always,


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D Lewis
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Always happy to see NED!


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Very happy for you...




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Thanks for sharin...., awesome news I never get tired of hearing...


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I am so happy for you !  Those three wonderfully put together letters of the alphabet N...E...D !  Continued success in everything !  Hugs sent !  Katie

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