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Good news!

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Pamela B
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Good news, I am now in complete remission! I didn't realize there was partial remission but apparently there is. I don't know how long it will last but I plan to live each day to the fullest while I can (as soon as I figure out just how to do it......If you have it figured out please let me know. ) I still have a few more months to recover fully but I am feeling better and better each week. Hopefully I will be posting my 5 year milestone on this forum, then 10, then 20 and maybe more! Thank you all again for your wonderful support and prayers. I could not have done this without you.

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Pamela B
Posts: 108
Joined: Jan 2013

I am a bit concerned that I was not able to finish all 6 rounds of IP chemo but my oncologist seems to think I had enough of it to do the job. let's hope he is right. Anybody hear of a maintenance chemo pill? I get my IP port removed tomorrow and am suppose to ask the oncologist/gynaecologist what he thinks. Unfortunately he doesn't ever want to remove my IV port. I guess he is just being realistic. Scans are completely clear and my CA125 is still 6. Life is good!

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Terrific Pamela!

So happy for you!    Great with getting your Port out.   They didn't want to remove mine either.  I had it in for 5+ years.    I just got it out in October of 2011 because my local area hospitals refused to flush it out because my main doctor was in another state.  I went over six months without a flush and finally found someone to take it out.  It is good it have it out.    Great report on scans and CA125!   

Doin the "Happy" dance for you!!!



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This is wonderful news!  Sending hugs and prayers for continued strength and continued remission!  YAY!


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I am so happy for you!  Wishing you a long and happy life!


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I am very happy for you. Enjoy every day.

Here are some examples of having fun from the last couple of days: playing hooky from work, trying on shoes, slowly having coffee and a smoke in the park, going to the movies 9:30 pm show by myself (I watched "This is the End") and eating a jumbo tub of popcorn; driving 100 mph at night on the freeway with windows and sunroof open. I don't know if that qualifies as living every day to the fullest; but it sure beats sulking on the couch and thinking about cancer which is all I was doing 1 year ago.

Many Hugs,


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Now you can relax a bit and watch your hair grow back in! Hope NED lasts a looong time!


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   so happy you are NED....it must feel wonderful!   Do the dance and enjoy the summer. Come back and tell us more good news....Val 




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to hear this god news, Pamela.  I hope you have a terrific summer and many years of NED.



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