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My update!

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Hi everyone,

So my latest update is I just got finished with my fertility treatment and officially have fertilized embryos for the future! Which is such a great feeling to have considering my odds are against me. I will be starting my first week of chemo next week as well as my radiation for the next 6 weeks. I'm so scared and nervous to start but i'm ready. Wish me luck and i'll keep the status updates as I go!

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Wishing you luck on all accounts. It is usually a good feeling to actually get started with treatment. One day closer to be done I guess ???? I will have you in my thoughts and prayers.

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Good luck!

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I am so glad that you had those fertilized embryos done! That is really great. I understand that you are nervous. Try to take good care of yourself this week. Eat well and rest. The treatment, for me, was really not bad at all. I think that eating lots of protein, avoiding any topical lotions, keeping the area clean was key.

I had stage 2 cancer. Make sure that you have everything that you need. I used a sports bottle filled with room temperature spring water to squirt on myself as I urinated. It helped. One very improtant thing is to try to have your teeth thoroughly cleaned this week to avoid mouth sores. I had my teeth cleaned a few days before treatment and never got any mouth sores. From the very first day of chemo, start rinsing your mouth twice a day with luke warm water with a tspn. of salt in it.

You can do this! Soon, this will be in your past. You will be in my prayers while you go through this. Believe!

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Sounds like you are now ready to take on this challenge and I think you'll do fine.  You seem very determined to beat this and I know you will!  Good luck and please keep us posted!

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I am so glad you have sorted that out. What a massive issue to have to consider before even starting treatment. Don't forget, it is doable, & it goes by quite quickly. I did a countdown on my treatments & I couldn't believe how quickly it was completed.  Keep us updated & ask for any support you need. 

Lots of experience here! I am so glad I found this site. It made a huge difference, well, all the people here did...... Liz

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We'll be here for you and your future children all the way.



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