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Spinal Tumor Treated with Ultrasound?

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My best friend has just be diagnosed with a cancerous spinal tumor.  I have yet to find out the exact diagnosis, but I DO know that she's being treated with ultrasound and oral chemo.  I cannot find ANYTHING online about tumors like this being treated with Ultrasound.  I assume that this means things are very good or very bad in this case.  I have lose SEVERAL members of my family to various cancers (mostly lung), and have had other close friends wtih breast cancer.  But the spinal tumor idea is very scary.  My sister passed away after being diagnosed with lung cancer - at the age of 42.  The thing is, that when they did her original surgery, they found she had cancer "wrapped around her spine" - which was inoperable.  1 year later after chemo and radiation, she passed away, and they never knew the origin of her cancer.

This scares me with regard to my friend's tumor.  I did check survival rates for spinal cancers and most of the percentages of survival are quite good.  But my concern right now is this less aggressive treatment she's getting.  She says they have  not used the term "aggressive" in relation to her case, but is this treatment normal?  ULTRASOUND? 

I am just wondering if anyone else out there has had any experience with this. I'm frantic about losing another loved one to cancer... especially so young - she is just 56.


Thanks for any info or feedback you can provide.




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