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Spell check

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Joined: Mar 2013

Just for the record- I can't stand the spell check on my I phone and I pad - I am not an idiot who can't spell - it is most frustrating so I just want to apologize for all the spelling errors you may see when I post

thank you,


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heye Ralf,

Eye woodent werri aboot speeling. Az long az u can reed thuh werds yoor Ok. :)  Eye knowtised CSN dusent hav speel chek. 


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Posts: 255
Joined: Mar 2013

Just figured just because most of us can't speak well spelling would be kind of important to us. And the constant editing of the posts gets annoying - glad to assume you are starting to feel better

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I could turn mine off.  I do most of my posts here on my Android tablet.  I have a spell checker that is most annoying.  For instance, I have a doctor whose last name is Dubin.  Everytime I type his name in an email or something, the checker changes it to Dublin.  I have to go over everything I post to make sure it hasn't changed something that's not supposed to be changed.  I've tried more than one time to turn it off to no avail.  Don't sweat the small stuff.  We all make spelling mistakes from time to time.

Really T?  Aboot???  I thought you were from Pennsylvania not Canada!

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Add Dubin to the custom dictionary. if that is not allowed find a 3rd party spell check utility.

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I'm pretty sure the Android will let you turn spell check, auto-correct, etc...off. I know the iPhone will so I presume the Droid will as well, under settings.

Have you tried FireFox instead of Internet Explorer? When I was using FireFox a lot, it seems that it would spell check post replies while you typed...


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All with you on that one, i couldnt spell anyway this IPhone makes me looked mentally challenged!

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It just won't accept the change when I push the "save" button.  This %(#>&%-$ tablet has a mind of it's own.  If I want to do anything important, I go to my desktop.  I can do just about anything on the PC but I'll never figure out how to do most things on the tablet.  It's just easier to use it especially when I'm "eating" (doing a gravity feed).

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