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Great news

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Joined: May 2013

My salvia gland on the right side is back 14 weeks post treatment. Just happened sitting wondering how to get to the next day and bam I could talk and swallow without being in a lot of pain ! Thank you God for answering a prayer .. To anyone going through dry mouth it does get better.


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Joined: Feb 2010

I tip my coffee cup to ya. It does get better, all it needs is a little time.

fishmanpa's picture
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Joined: Jan 2013

Nice! Funny how you didn't notice it at first then bam! I have saliva! :)  I'm starting to get a little in the mornings but I'm dry by the afternoon. 


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Congrats! A year post tx, I am still trying to figure out what triggers dry spells for me. Seems like caffeine dries my mouth out. Sometimes, I am perfectly fine and then other times I get so dry that drinking water doesn't help at all. A spoon of swish and swallow helps. Not sure if there is rhyme or reason, maybe I am just spinning my wheels by trying to figure it out.

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If this is happening at 14 weeks, who knows what great things will return by 7 or 8 months out of treatment.

My saliva glands seems to be having a memory funk....ah, but I have time to wait.


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jim and i
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What a blessing for you. Anyone who has not gone through this would think you were wierd but we know what a milestone yhis is. :)


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Not weird, I like John's abi-normal Wink

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So now you have to talk out of the right side of your mouth until the left catches up..., LOL...


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This is fantastic news !  I'm around 14 months out, and still have struggles with dry mouth.  Still keep the handy dandy bottle of water as my buddy.  Katie

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