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pet scan report 6/3/13

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OK here goes I had my pet scan on Monday 6-3-13 and when I seen my results I went off the wall and stared to call all my doctors about it ask what does this all mean. So when I seen my Rad doc not because of the pet scan and results it was a follow up that was made a long time ago. Any how she reassured that the doc that read the scan was over reading it and it was a clean scan and not to worry about it easy said than done. And she was going to have the GI doc look because it was time anyhow as it was my 1yr scan. I then call my ONC Doctor and he said basically the same thing he was not impress with what was written compared to the scan and I also ask him is this a clean scan or not the answer was YES and the next Doctor I talk to was my surgeon and I ask him what is his opinon was and reply I am not over concern about it and I ask him did he compare the other three he said ye and they are all similar to each other and said not worried about it doctors see things different and word it different and you have to read in between the lines then the big question is do you think this is a clean scan or not and should i be worried about it the answer no and yes I do consider this a clean scan one because there is nothing bad in the report and that 11mm adrenal nodule was there back in May of last year and did not increase in size and the other could be anything beside that this doctor is the same doctor that read your May report of last year and said it was cancer and the your left thyroid was cancer also and both turn out to be nothing so I am confident  that is a clean scan. and I should have him or a GI doctor just do a surveillance check anyhow from time to time and this would be a good time for that. He felt there was no big rush just as the RAD and ONC doctors said, so I am taking there word for it and believe in them this is there specialty this type of cancer. AND YES THEY ALL LOOK AT THE SCANS BEFORE THEY TALK TO ME.



New mild hypermetabolic uptake at the upper portion of the gastric pull-up;

indeterminate, and new mild hypermetabolic uptake in a stable 11 mm left adrenal nodule. Further characterization with an infused adrenal CT washout is advised as the hypermetabolic uptake in the left adrenal gland should not be disproportionate to the liver.


Neck: No abnormal FDG avid uptake.


Chest: New mild FDG avid uptake at the upper portion of the gastric pull-up on image 79 with a maximum SUV of 2.5, at the tumor threshold of 2,5, demarcated by an arrow.


Abdomen and pelvis: New mild FDG uptake of the left adrenal gland with a maximum SUV of 2.6, disproportionate to the liver that demonstrates a maximum SUV the of 2.4; with a stable small left adrenal nodule measuring 11 mm.


Bones: No abnormal FOG avid uptake.


CT: On this limited noncontract thick slice CT, no suspicious nodular opacities in the lungs.           No enlarged lymph nodes in the neck chest abdomen or pelvis. No aneurysmal dilcatation of the thoracie or abdomcinal aorta

That is it in a nut shell the rest was just personnel info:


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I do not get PET scans. My oncologist is of the opinion that in the absence of new symptoms; and an abnormal CT scan, they generate too many false positives. He says there are many variables that can affect the uptake readings in a PET scan and in the absence of collaborating CT abnormalities they can be misleading and cause unnecessary anxiety. Obviously other professionals believe they have value. I choose to trust my oncologists advise.

 That being said, every CT scan I have gotten in the past has notations from the radiologist doing the reading that notes two cysts next to my right kidney that should have further investigation and testing. Each time my oncologist gets the report he assures me. “We know they are cysts, they were there last time and have not changed substantially, I am not concerned”.

 My perspective is, that is why they send the report to him first, and then have him review the results and report them to me.

You have the assurance from three professionals you trust, who are familiar with your medical history. I would not be concerned with the impressions of a radiologist who is responsible to report any potential abnormality he sees without the benefit of your personal history and background.

I think you have reason for celebration.

Best Regards,

Paul Adams

Grand Blanc, Michigan

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If all three of your doctors are in agreement that there is nothing to worry about, then trust them for I have learned going through all the Ct and PET scans with my husband, there are more factors that are taken into consideration when reading results like these. One of the biggest factors is your blood work which is what doctors usually look at and then look at the scans. My suggestion would be to ask your oncologist and surgeon that you want to look at your blood work and compare each time they pulled blood. Our hospital here in Rochester NY has what is called MyChart in which we sign into the hospital website and we can see all the results of every single blood draw and compare them. You have the right to see your blood work results so ask to see yours and have your oncologist explain each one to you. If I were to guess your blood work looks good which is why the doctors are saying they are not concerned about the scan results. Remember, there are many things doctors look at to determine if scan results are serious or not..you need trust in your medical team..

Good luck


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I see no evidence your scan was "overread".  In fact, I do not know what this means.  The results are based on measurements.  You have new areas that are being lit up by the glucose radiotracers - in the esophagal area, the chest, the abdomen/pelvis.  But the new uptake was mild and may not have crossed the threshold for further, aggressive, investigation.  The most likely treatment response is to have you imaged again in three months.  

Chemo and radiation is not given pro-actively.  It is given reactively.  So, they will not treat you until there is confirmation, through imaging, that the cancer has returned or advanced.  It is really irritating.

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HI KJGulliver


I will be having a EDG soon just to rule it out. Like I said before this doctore has a history of over reading PET Scans and with EDG and a sample if they can get one will tell us for sure.

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