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Question about metastic to lungs

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jim and i
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As most of you know jim's tongue cancer spread to his lungs. He has numerous nodes in both lungs with the largest, 1.75 cm, in the left. Over the weekend he started having some pain under the left arm. This morning he came home from fishing very weak. He was in pain but now the pain is also in the left lower chest. He says it feels like it is in the muscle.

My question: Is this the cancer? If so, is it signaling the end is near. I have a call into the oncologist but waiting is driving me nuts so I thought I would ask the experts. :) If you can help I would greatly appreciate it.



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Sorry, I can't help..., other than give you my thoughts and prayers..., especially to another fisherman during the Flounder Run...


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jim and i
Posts: 1782
Joined: May 2011

Thanks John, I knew I could count on you. Talked to oncologist, he calling in pain meds. Can't see him until Friday but if gets worse we are to go to emergency. Doc says probably tumor rubbing nerves. Doesn't sound good.


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Sorry to hear he's in pain. There's no way of knowing if it's the cancer until the docs have a look see. I'm glad you contacted them and they're seeing him Friday. In the mean time the pain meds should take the edge off.

Positive thoughts and prayers


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Sorry I can't be of help but cetainly send my prayers and hope the pain has eased up.

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I'm sorry to hear Jim's having more pain.  What type of pain meds ?  I use the oxy....takes enough of the rough pain away.  I also have many nodes in both lungs.  But my dx is very slow growing.  Could stay stable for years.  I agree it could be nerve pain.  But it also could be an infection.  I hope they are able to figure this out very soon for him.  Debbie, I keep you two in my thoughts and prayers.  Hugs sent !  Katie

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As I have stated before my husband's cancer has gone to his right lung.  They just upped his medication to 10-325 of lortab.  He complains of pain in his right shoulder down thru this chest and around to his back.  Your husband's could be just an infection.  I have heard, and in fact a friend of mine, has walking pneumonia.  Seems to be going around.  Hopefully your husband just pulled a muscle while fishing and the pain medication will help with that.

Keeping good thoughts and wishes for you both -- Sharon

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I have laryngeal cancer (and a total laryngectomy) that has metastasized to the lungs (and some bones). At first, the oncologist had a wait and see approach. I went to a different medical center for a second opinion and started chemo with Taxole and Erbitux. The Chemo has shrunk the tumors a little.

However, I had an episode of extreme (level-9) pain in the chest. My oncologist thought it was a tumor impinging on a nerve. I received 1 week of radiation on that tumor. The radiation virtually eliminated the pain and I have had reduced pain (level-3) now for a couple of months.

With the pain involved, I think it might be time for a second opinion if that is at all possible. Rick.

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jim and i
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The problem with second opinion is getting Jim to go. But it is worth a try.


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Tell him you are going fishing with him....

Then a quick stop at the MedCenter...., ummm you never told him "what" you were fishing for....


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Hi Debbie, I too had my SCC of Tonsil and neck nodes spread to my right lung and also Mediastyal nodes in my chest. I have had issues with aspirating food into my lung and also Pneumonia on several occasions which can and will cause pain. Any options to have the lung tumors or even a portion of the lung removed? I cannot as the disease is in my lymphatic system.



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