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Recurrence for stage 1a clear cell

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I was just diagnosed with Stage 1a Grade 3 clear cell carcinoma. The oncologist recommended 6 rounds of Chemo even though the cancer was confined to one ovary. Has anyone experienced recurrence switch stage 1a?  Did you have chemo? Thanks!! 

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Clear cell is a very agressive cancer, so much so, that it raises the overall stats for recurrence in stage 1.  I was diagnosed with stage 1C, mixed cell types, including clear cell, also grade 3.  I followed my doctor's recommendation to do 6 rounds of carbo-taxol, and urge you listen to your doctor.  I just reached 3 years with no recurrence, and consider myself extremely lucky.  A footnote, is that clear cell often forms a large solid mass, enabling it to be found early.  Its aggressive nature is the flip side to the early detection.  Throw the book at it!  JMO.


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Hi Anicca,

I was just dignoised with stage 1B ovarian clear cell carcinoma.   I do not want to take the chemo as I have read that it is not effective in treating clear cell.   I was told I have a 50% chance of non recurrence.  That is good enough for me!    I am glad to hear that you have been cancer free for three years.


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If I were you, I would thank my lucky stars that my CCC was caught in an early stage (1B), take chemo and minimize my chances of recurrence.

You have a shot at curing your cancer. When it recurs - you won't. 50/50 - worse chances than russian roulette.

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