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Camul Update

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Thanks Doris for asking. I came home yesterday afternoon. Still do not feel like a million bucks. Have no idea how long it will take to feel 'good', Am now on Coumadin, which has its own set of issues. Still trying to get theraputic. Was high yesterday so last night and tonight I will just take half a pill. Was released as long as I agreed that if the pain increases, or any other changes I will come back, and that I will see my onco tomorrow and monday for bloodwork. I knew that bloodclots are not a good thing, but never realized how scarry it actually is. The dr said even if I bang my head on a cabonet I will need xray to rule out a bleed,and I will need to change my diet not to incl vit k. My stomach is bruised and tender from the 2x daily shots, and my chest and back still quite painful.
Good news is tumors in liver are gone. Per bone scan metabolic tumors are still there. Had to laugh, brain ct to ck for bleds, er dr and onco on call were both amazed with all the tumors on head and jaw. Onco asked if I knew all the tumors I have, Inlaughed and said 'too numeral to count',; which is what the radiologist put on the last mri and ct scan.
Not funny, but I have heard the same thing for so long, and keep thinking of CC's radiologist actually counting.
I know this is not funny, but if I cant look for some humor I just cry!Totally worn out.Doris how are you doing?

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Hi Carol,

i am so happy you are home!  I hope you can get some rest now and get your strength back.



New Flower
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If we do not humor what is going to happen with us? I am glad you got your problem early, it is scarry stuff and under control now. It will take time for you to recover, please take it easy, you have to take care of your body.

I am off experimental drug , my liver enzymes are critically high, I saw doctor  & had IV liquids and electrolyte, zofran, and pensid to to nausia yesterday in Chemo unit, still better than being addmitted to the hospital. My thinking is " how many mice died before they put experimental drug for trial? That is the first time I am seriously thinking about animals which have been used for development new drugs, they suffer and have no voice.


Hugs to you

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Being at home makes all the difference in the world --  I am so sorry about the 'blood clots' as well as sitting in the hospital for days. 


I love you, and admire your tenacity.


Vicki Sam



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Your very brave and humor (black humor) goes a long way in fighting this disease.  

Wishing you that good quality of life you so deserve.



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I haven't been on for a while and just saw this post.  Hopefully, you will continue to be on the mend.  You remain in my nightly prayers.

Hugs and love, Renee

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