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Had double mastectomy

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I had found a lump in my left breast and went to get it checked by my primary. She wanted me to get a mammogram and ultrasound. So I did. A few days later I was called in to do a biopsy which took 10 days for them to get the results for. It was to scanty for them to tell the grade or the receptor on it but they could tell it was infiltrating ductal carcinoma.  


My primary called me in to give me the diagnoses. And she sent me directly to a breast specialist.  The breast specialist looked at the mammogram and noticed something on the right as well so she sent me to do an MRI.  The MRI came back with masses on the right breast as well so I went and had a biopsy done on that breast  those results came back the next day as stage1 grade 9 invasive ductal carcinoma. 


Friday I had my mastectomies and I'm now at home resting.  My family is taking really good care of me.  All of my lymph nodes came back negative thank goodness.  I'm waiting for oxtin dx (spelling) test to come back


My mothers and all her sisters never had to do chemo so I'm wondering what I'm in for as far as treatment goes. Anyone here with the same diagnoses   I won't know for 10 days and it's driving me nuts.  


Also does anyone know whether or not the insurance company can get ur medical records without u first signing a release


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First welcome to the site that no one wants to join.  We're a great group of pink sisters that offer you support and encouragement.

I had a lumpectomy with radiation treatments.  If you had clean nodes, I wouldn't think you'd need chemo, but, I don't know.

Good luck and wishing you a speedy recovery.

Hugs, Diane

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Sorry cant help you much.  I had different type Infiltrating Lobular x 4 chemos.  I am thinking they may give you chemo and surprised nothing has been mentioned about future treatment unless they are waiting for that last test result you mentioned.   I had nothing in the nodes too and Grade two on one side which was just inside the size range where chemo is recommended not because of the grading. The other side had beginning of same cancer hence bilateral.  Tell us what they suggest if anything next.  Well done getting through mastectomies Sorry you cursed with the waiting game.



Lynne P
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I hope that you won't have to do radiation or chemo.  You will probably be offered hormone therapy if you are er and pr positive.

Good luck!

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Do you know yet what treatments you will be taking?  Wishing you good luck and keep posting.


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found out its estrogen positive 10%, progestrogen positive 10%, and ker2 positive 40% plus 2.  i see the oncologist 6/5

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Good luck on your appointment!


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I also had bliateral mastectomies due to IDC with 0 nodes positive.  They sent my tissue out for Mammaprint testing (sort of similar to Oncotype but without a score) and it came back that I didn't need chemo.  I'm hoping the same for you.  Hugs!

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I had bilateral done too.  I was stage 2 and I told my surgeon to remove more tissue and limp noses.  I decided on bilateral because my mother had breast cancer.  I did not want to go through what she went through.  She had my Dad and me, and I have no one. 

Good luck with your treatment.

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Hi, I also had infiltrating ductal ca, mastectomy, ER -, PR -, HER2 #, lymph node neg. So sorry for your wait, that is the worst part of this whole process. I did have to have chemo, but there are many factors your dr considers including the onco type for chemo. My tumors were several and large so I had chemo, radiation and herceptin for a year. I didn't have a double mastectomy and regret that decision. I didn't want reconstruction and am now considering a mastectomy on the other side. I had a portacath put in and can highly recommend it if you have to have chemo, it looks like you are HER2 #, so you will need herceptin. I had no side effects from the herceptin. The way I got through the wait and treatments was just to try and relax and tell myself that I was going on this trip for a year. Every day, every treatment taken was one step closer to finishing my trip. I am now five years out. Good luck, you will do great. You will get great support from the other people on this site. Take all the support and help you can get.


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