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prostate biopsy

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Well tomorrow is another biopsy, this time my prostate, doctor said that it's a pretty nasty procedure, apparently the prostate is a wicked bleeder, just what I need now that I take blood thinners, have not taken them since last Monday so hope things stay normal. very apprehensive about this, my dad and my brother both had prostate cancer and my dad died of bladder cancer ten years after the prostate cancer. Doctor said that is a big reason as to why he wants a biopsy. Have always had elevated psa levels, usually in the mid 5's last one was 6.0 but I had prostatitis when that was done, will see, wish me luck. Denis

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D Lewis
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Hoping for the best possible outcome for you.


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I had the biopsies done, 12 snips total. Just make sure the Doctor numbs you and gives it a few minutes to work before the starting. I had some discomfort afterwards, for about 4 hours. Just find a comfortable chair or sofa after you get home and try to relax. I was fine the next day.

My PSA had jumped more then the .7 that they use as a gauge in one year. My brother had Postate cancer (Agent Orange) We were in Vietnam at the same time, so my Doctor thought it best for me to have done. Luckily, I was clear, but still up and down each time I have the PSA done.

Positive thoughts going your way from here.

My Best to You and Everyone Here

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Hope all goes well with the procedure and the results. As with all biopsies: hope it is a big nothing. I too have some prostate challenges and a biopsy may be in my future. Hope not. There's enough on my plate already. Best of luck in the comming days. Rick.

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Just a check under the (prostate) hood. 

Good Luck,


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Prayers for a good report. My husband had prostate cancer a couple of years ago. Caught early with PSA. Had robotic surgery that went exceptionally well. Hoping you don't have positive results.

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pocket, Denis.....along with some prayers and positive thoughts.  By this time on Tuesday, the biopsy will be in your rear view mirror.


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Positive thoughts and prayers and an open G chord with a bit of chorus for a "G"ood report tomorrow!



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I had a prostate biopsy and ya it smarted, like a lot.  I agree you want as numb as possible.  I was over it fairly fast. Was some bleeding, but only noted when I went to the bathroom.  That was not a big deal.  I did have cancer, still encapsilated.  I choose surgery and it went fine, again no fun for sure but no cancer there for five years plus.  Curable in most cases and was sure a simipler deal than the neck cancer treatment.

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I hope and pray that all goes well for you! I too have prostrate issues and a very high PSA (14). My urologist has recommended a biopsy as well, but wants to wait for me to heal following HNC treatments, I have a follow-up appointment with him in July. Again good luck !

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Whispered a prayer before hitting submit that all is normal Denis!

Keep us posted ...



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Ingrid K
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wishing you the very best outcome and an uncomplicated and tolerable biopsy.


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Coming your way...


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Sounds like a good idea to keep an eye on it. Have had a few acquaintances that have had it and it was caught early and they've been doing well for many years now. 

Prayers all goes well.


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Back home now, nothing near what I was expecting. No blood, no pain. They knocked me out for it so had no idea of the procedure. Whole thing took about 20 minutes I am told, still gotta keep on the anti-biotics for a couple of days. Doctor said that he saw nothing abnormal (they use an ultrasound as well) so hopefully all is OK. Kept me there till I could pee, then a check to see if any blood there (none) and sent home, results in two weeks. Thanks all for the well wishes and for all those guys that have not yet had their prostates checked try to get them to knock you out. Denis

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Congrats to this point, and hopefully the good..., ummm great news will continue.


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Great to hear that news Denis ....keep us posted on part II. :)



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